Chinese Zodiac Rooster

In the 12-year cycle of the Chinese zodiac signs, the Rooster ranks on the 10th position after Monkey, and ahead of Dog. According to the ancient division of 12 two-hour periods in one day (Shi Chen), Roost time is between 5-7pm, also called “You Shi”.

"Rooster" in the zodiac represents a Don Quixote-style person who is full of fantasy, chivalry and righteousness. Rooster people consider themselves to be "fearless" heroes who can save the world. In fact, Roosters are characterized by outward appearance of being radical and pretentious, but inwardly conservative and traditional. Rooster people are basically divided into two types. One type likes to talk, even gossip and has a hot temper. The other type of people has strong insight and is good at weighing up others’ words and their facial expression.

chinese zodiac rooster years

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  • Chinese Zodiac Rooster Years 
  • Rooster in Chinese Culture
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  • Chinese Zodiac Rooster Traits and Personality Base on Five Elements
  • Chinese Zodiac Rooster Love Compatibility
  • Guide for Roosters’ Career & Jobs
  • Zodiac Rooster Famous People
  • Roosters’ Horoscope in 2023
  • Chinese Zodiac Rooster Vocabulary & Idioms
  • Chinese Zodiac Rooster Years – Were you born in the year of the Rooster?

    Generally speaking, we can use Gregorian calendar to find out what your animal year is, unless you were born in January or February. As you know, the Chinese zodiac signs form a 12-year cycle. The recent Rooster years include 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, 2017 and 2029.

    Regarding Chinese zodiac signs, we also need consider the five elements, which are Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth. Each element comes in a 60-year cycle. 2017 is a Fire Rooster year, so next zodiac Fire Rooster year will be 2077.For those who were born in January and February, if you are sure of which is your animal sign, please see the table below, and check the exact start date and end date of each Rooster year.

    Recent Chinese Zodiac Rooster Years

    Rooster YearsStart DateEnd Date Element
    1933January 26,1933 February 13, 1934Water Rooster
    1945February 13, 1945February 1, 1946Wood Rooster
    1957January 31, 1957February 17, 1958Fire Rooster
    1969February 17, 1969February 5, 1970Earth Rooster
    1981February 5, 1981 January 24, 1982Metal Rooster
    1993January 23, 1993February 9, 1994Water Rooster
    2005February 9, 2005January 28, 2006Wood Rooster
    2017January 28, 2017February 15, 2018Fire Rooster
    2029February 13, 2029February 2, 2030Earth Rooster

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    Zodiac Rooster in Chinese Culture

    The reason why the ancient Chinese people favored chickens largely depends on the auspicious meaning of the zodiac Rooster and the ancients' worship of roosters as totem. As the general representative of poultry, the Rooster is no longer a simple animal, but “the fowl with five virtues”, which can also work as a lucky charm warding off evil. Traditionally the first day of the lunar New Year is called “Rooster Day” in China.

    Firstly, the most significant symbolic feature of chicken is being trustworthy and punctual. When there was no efficient timekeeping tool, the roosters’ announcement of the break of dawn was of great significance to the ancient people. They thought roosters could wake them up in the early morning all year round. The crowing of roosters also symbolizes that the darkness is about to pass and the new day is about to come.

    Secondly, the chicken symbolizes the low-key attitude. Chicken can be easily seen in the villages of ancient China. They have strong reproductivity and high viability. What is more, they can be raised anywhere, there is no special requirements for their living environment. In many occasions, people even don’t have to feed the chicken much, and they are self sufficient in food. Therefore, ancient Chinese considered the chickens were selfless animals, which demand less and supply more.

    Thirdly, the rooster symbolizes bravery and fighting, which came from cockfighting, even if it is an ordinary rooster, there is often a fight between two roosters when they meet; while the hens will fight desperately for her offspring. Although the size and strength of chickens are very limited, they dare to fight at critical moments. This is why ancient Chinese thought chickens had the quality of bravery.

    Fourthly, chickens have some kind of divine power, which can ward off evil and spirits. The ancients believed that roosters and their blood had the effect of expelling evil spirits and calamities. They also believe that roosters are "psychic media" to communicate with ancestors or gods; therefore, chickens are often used for various sacrificial activities. It was also believed that the crowing of cocks could exorcise ghosts. In folklore, ghosts are most afraid of hearing the crowing of roosters, because ghosts can only act in the dark, and the crow of roosters indicates that it is almost the break of dawn, and as soon as it turns bright, all ghosts disappear.

    chinese zodiac signs rooster personality

    Lucky and Unlucky Things for People Born in the Chinese Zodiac Year of the Rooster

    Things to Bring Rooster Good luck

  • Lucky numbers: 0, 5, 4, 9 and numbers containing 0, 5, 4, 9 like 10, 25
  • Lucky colors:  yellow, white, golden
  • Lucky flowers: cockscomb
  • Lucky plants: Haworthia pilifera
  • Lucky direction: west, southwest and northeast
  • Lucky floors: 1、4、5、6、9、10、11、14、15、16、19、20、21、24、25、26、29、30
  • Lucky stones: goldstone
  • Things to Bring Rooster Bad Luck

  • Unlucky colors: red
  • Unlucky numbers: 2,7
  • Unlucky directions: south, north and east
  • Chinese Zodiac Rooster Traits: honest, intelligent, ambitious, shrewd and decisive…

    Rooster people are honest, intelligent, good at interpersonal communication, ambitious, and able to get help from other people, but at the same time they have the shortcomings of self-defeating, sometimes they like to complain about their own disadvantages and encounters.

    Rooster people are shrewd and capable, strong in organization. They are also straightforward, and decisive in dealing with matters. Rooster people dare to point out and criticize the wrong doings. All Roosters are critical of things and pursue perfection. Rooster people are very sensitive to those theoretical issues. When dealing with any issues, they must implement them according to the established regulations. Roosters can’t well understand those people who do not follow the rules.

    Rooster people will try their best to help others within their own abilities. It's just the vitality of the Roosters that motivates them to show and express themselves eagerly. Rooster people are very concerned about their family and maintain their own private haven. They also hope to have a big family, so that more people can encourage themselves to do things well. No matter how much things change, it will not stop the Rooster people, because they are tireless to overcome all kinds of difficulties and find the way out. But the Roosters will take an unfriendly attitude towards those who occupy his/her position.

    Strength of Rooster

  • Rooster people have the great ambition and open mind towards the modernity..
  • They are very quick-witted and respond quickly as they are unwilling to fall behind in everything.
  • Roosters look a little aggressive, while diligent, capable, responsible and disciplined.
  • Proactive, resourceful and warm-hearted.
  • Their great sociability makes them easily get the help from others. Roosters are good at effective communication.
  • They are not afraid of confronting the authorities.
  • Typical rooster people like to be complimented by others, at the same time, they like to compliment others as well.
  • Weakness of Rooster

  • Rooster people are vain creatures, who have a tendency of ignoring reality.
  • They are easily seduced by the opposite sex.
  • Some roosters are armchair strategists, who rarely put their plans into action.
  • Sometimes they are emotional, self-interested and short-sighted.
  • When feeling dissatisfied on a certain matter, they will react immediately without hiding it in mind. It is easy to ignore the feelings and dignity of others.
  • Male Rooster Personalities

    Male Roosters are good at making money in life, and they have the talents of financial planning, because they want to make ends meet. Men born in the year of the rooster will implement the strict expenditure control with their money, and they know how to carefully plan for their daily expenses, as well as their own time. Such a man is an ideal helper in housekeeping, who is good at solving problems and dealing with difficulties. However, they are not suitable for the innovative work. Although they can handle their favorite things well, they lack creativity, so it is difficult for Rooster men to undertake some creative tasks. At the same time, they are a little emotionally sensitive and moody.

    Rooster men don't like mature women in their relationship, but are interested in the kind of girly types. At the same time, if you associate with Rooster men, it is recommended to praise them a lot, because Rooster men always love the praises from others, which satisfy their inner vanity. Your praise will make the Rooster man love you more and depend on you more.

    Male Roosters have a good ability to deal with affairs in their careers, and are good at completing work of certain intensity. Therefore, in career development, Rooster men can always give others the impression of outstanding ability. At a young age, they tend to start their own business and achieve success very quickly. However, it is necessary to remind Rooster men that they should restrain their active personality in daily life with a rigorous and reserved attitude, otherwise, this might bring them endless troubles.

    chinese zodiac rooster compatibility

    Female Rooster Personalities

    Female Roosters are not only beautiful, but also very practical. They are typical charming ladies who can manage both the family and work very well. Rooster girls are thoughtful, industrious, and they usually don’t compromise the quality of life, and never bring their work to the life. They are highly efficient people!

    Rooster girls are often very clear about their life goals. They have outstanding organizational and management skills, with a strong desire to express themselves. And they like to realize the meaning of life through their performances. In the face of their own life, Rooster girls like to be praised by others, and they care about other people's opinions. Therefore, Rooster girls always show their best side in front of others.

    Rooster girls always have many suitors, but they have a very high vision and often make themselves single. Compared with the heterosexual relationship, female Roosters pay more attention to their careers. They can achieve great success at work based on their work capability and diligence, but this kind of good quality might not be fit for establishing stable relationship with the opposite sex. 

    Chinese Zodiac Rooster Five Elements for Five Characteristics

    ElementsPersonalitiesRecent Years
    Water RoosterHave a moderate and modest personality. When deciding on one thing, he will never give up. 1933, 1993, 2053
    Wood RoosterKind, righteous and thoughtful. Handle things rigorously and persistently. Always punctual. 1945, 2005, 2065
    Fire RoosterHave a strong sense of time. Trustworthy, and remain faithful to friends. Career-oriented, and love to achieve his/her life goal. 1897, 1957, 2017
    Earth RoosterHave an active personality, love to go out and make new friends. Always stay steady and patient when handling things.1909, 1969, 2029
    Metal RoosterHave a clear view of right and wrong, clear and fast thinking, calm-minded, and good at expressing oneself, a great negotiator in business.1921, 1981, 2041

    Chinese Zodiac Rooster Love Compatibility – Your Most Compatible Zodiac Signs

    The Roosters have very strong self-esteem, and keep face very seriously. In social situations, sometimes they lack of flexibility and gestures of compromise. In the face of love and dignity, they often choose dignity. Let's find out what is the best mate for the rooster.

    Best Matches: Dragon, Ox, Snake

    The dragon and Rooster is the best match. The enthusiastic Rooster never minds standing behind the Dragon. The achievement of the Dragon is the pride of the Rooster.

    The faithful Ox and the conservative Rooster can get along well, which can develop the steady relationship. They are also a good match.

    The snake and Rooster have common ideas, so they can discuss about the life together, pursuing their common ideals and dreams. 

    chinese zodiac Pig compatibility

    Least Matches: Rabbit, Rooster, Dog

    The Rooster and Rabbit is the worst match. Their relationship is not harmonious. Their views are different, with little understanding of each other.

    The Rooster & Rooster match is not amicable. There are so many conflicts on their ideas. Actually it is hard for them to negotiate.

    The relationship between the Rooster and Dog is indifferent. There are obstacles in their communication, but they can tolerate each other.

    Rooster’s Love Compatibility with 12 Chinese Zodiac Animals


    Guide for Roosters’ Career & Jobs

    Rooster people are savvy, energetic, righteous, decisive and meticulous. They can be shrewd economic experts, capable entrepreneurs, or good factory directors, managers, accountants, statistics, cashiers, librarians, etc. It would also be great to be an actor, singer, and literary writer. Roosters can also engage in fine work such as fitter, handicraft, sculpture, and so on.

    Although their life is a little hard, it is never ordinary. As long as they pay more attention to reality and do not pursue illusory fantasies, they will have a great chance of success. In terms of career, due to the unique personality of the Roosters and their lofty ideals they have had since childhood, their careers will be smooth throughout their lives.

    If working in a big company, they have to follow the company's instructions and rules. This will destroy the strong self-esteem of Roosters, so they will not be able to continue for a long time. Even though they can have a stable and adequate income here, they still hope that they can start a business in the future.

    Rooster people regard work as the most important part of life, and they want to find joy in life or explore the meaning of life in work. In other words, the Rooster is an idealist who enjoys work as a pleasure, hoping to earn income from a career that interests him.

    Zodiac Rooster Famous People


  • Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, born on October 27, 1945, Wood Roster
  • Osama bin Laden, born on March 10, 1957, Fire Rooster
  • Artists:

  • Wilhelm Richard Wagner, born on May 22, 1813, Water Rooster
  • Catherine Zeta-Jones, born on September 25, 1969, Earth Rooster
  • Britney Spears, born on December 2, 1981, Metal Rooster
  • Athletes:

  • Philip Douglas Jackson, born on September 17, 1945, Wood Rooster
  • Stefanie Graf, born on June 14, 1969, Earth Rooster
  • Anna Kournikova, born on June 7, 1981, Metal Rooster
  • Zodiac Rooster’s Horoscope in 2023 - the Year of Rabbit

    Overview: The fortune of Rooster people in 2023 is extremely unfavorable, and will be heavily affected by the Tai Sui. It is believed that there is a conflict between the zodiac animal rooster and Tai Sui in this year, therefore, it may cause a lot of uncertainties.


    The health condition of the Rooster people is very unstable in this year, especially for the older Rooster people or those who suffer from old diseases. They will suffer from pain due to the recurrence of old diseases in this year. So in daily life, you need to pay more attention to the diet and eat more nourishing food, which can enhance your immunity and resistance. For the Rooster people who are busy all the days, they also need to pay attention to rest, do not stay up too much late, otherwise, their health can be easily damaged. They need to adopt a healthy regular diet, and do not overeat. Avoid eating and drinking too much when they need to go out to socialize with others. Rooster drivers should drive carefully this year and obey traffic rules.


    In 2023, the career fortune of the Rooster people will be poor. Some of them have to face the change of the career. Due to the influence of the Tai Sui, their work will be extremely unstable. In the workplace, their luck will decline due to lack of personal ability. For office workers, they need to pay attention in the second half of this year, especially to their own career fortunes. They should try to establish a good relationship with their co-workers and partners, and avoid fracturing the friendship with others, otherwise, it will bring disasters because of villains, which will cause great harm to their own work.

    For Rooster people who are newcomers to the workplace, the work schedule is becoming increasingly tense, and they also need to deal with a lot of tedious chores, and even stay up late to work overtime to deal with things. If you want to change the status quo, it is recommended to study in your spare time, self-improve your abilities, skills and efficiency, and learn the knowledge and skills related to your current work, which will definitely accelerate the development of your career.

    Love & Relationship

    In the Year of the Rabbit (2023), the Rooster people will have a great turning point on his/her relationship. Single Rooster people will be blessed by Yue De and Wen Chang stars, there will be a lot of chances for them in this year, which may help them find an ideal partner and establish a stable relationship later. They may receive many love proposals or hints from the opposite sex, which need them to make a decision carefully.

    For the Roosters who are married or stay with a partner, their relations will develop relatively well in this year, but they will have some conflicts with their spouses because of the unsmooth work. The negative emotions at work may be vented to their partners. Therefore, it is important to maintain balance between the work and family. Don’t bring work matters home.


    The wealth luck of Rooster people in 2023 is quite unoptimistic. Affected by Tai Sui, there can be the repeated declines on the wealth, and it is difficult to recover. Especially when it comes to mainstream income, due to the hard hit of career, those Rooster people who are not career-minded or lack of capability will encounter the crisis of salary reduction in the year, and even lose the job, therefore, the mainstream income will be heavily affected, which may also have an unfavorable impact on the life in the following year.

    Affected by the ominous stars in this year, the Rooster people are very likely to lose money in the first half of the year. Therefore, it is recommended not to do the investment in this year, which will make them avoid the loss of wealth. In addition, due to the crisis brought about by malefic stars and Tai Sui, Rooster people will also need to lose some money to protect the whole. Therefore, Rooster people need to take good care of their money matters in daily life. Plan your finances safely in a timely manner, stay vigilant, and don't trust others too much to avoid being deceived.

    Chinese Zodiac Rooster Vocabulary & Idioms

    生肖 shēng xiāo Chinese Zodiac
    农历生日 nóng lì shēng rì Lunar Birthday
    你属什么 nǐ shǔ shén me What is your Chinese zodiac animal?
    我属鸡 Wǒ shǔ jī I was born in the year of Rooster
    闻鸡起舞wén jī qǐ wǔUpon hearing the crow of roosters, get up and practice Kung F
    鸡毛蒜皮jī máo suàn pí Insignificant things or worthless items
    缚鸡之力fù jī zhī lìDescribing someone who is so weak physically that he/she only has the strength to tie up a hen

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