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According to Chinese zodiac signs, 2019 is the year of Pig (猪), to be more specifical, a Earth pig year. Lunar new year starts from Februaryruary 5, 2019, and ends on Januaryuary 24, 2020.

Chinese Zodiac Pig is the 12th of the 12 zodiac animals, ranking at the bottom. So when the Pig year ends, the Chinese zodiac finishes a full circle, and will start all over again.

Pig was selected one of Chinese zodiac animals, mainly because its characteristics of practicality and gluttony is very close to human. Additionally, pigs have long entered the human society. Why Pig is the last zodiac animal? A saying goes that pigs are mainly fed with water and plants, and they correspond to the period of the day from 9 p.m. to 11 p.m in folklore, hence the last animal.

People born in the year of Pig are usually gentle, kind-hearted, honest, unsophisticated, low-key, generous, dedicated and have self-knowledge. The pig looks stupid, but it is gifted with intelligence. However, Pigs is a bit short-sighted, focusing only on what is in front of them, and tend to be indecisive.

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chinese zodiac pig years

  • Chinese Zodiac Pig Years 
  • Pig in Chinese Culture
  • Lucky and Unlucky Things for People Born in the Year of the Pig
  • Chinese Zodiac Pig Traits and Personality Base on Five Elements
  • Chinese Zodiac Pig Love Compatibility 
  • Guide for Pigs’ Career & Jobs
  • Zodiac Pig Famous People
  • Pigs’ Horoscope in 2024
  • Chinese Zodiac Pig Vocabulary & Idioms  
  • Chinese Zodiac Pig Years – Am I a Pig?

    Even though in nowadays the majority of Chinese people count days based on Gregorian calendar year, Chinese zodiac years are reckoned by the lunar calendar. A zodiac Pig year begins with Chinese New Year or named Spring Festival, usually starting from late Januaryuary, and ends in middle Februaryruary of the next year.

    Therefore, to see what your Chinese zodiac animal is, or to confirm whether you are Pig, knowing your Gregorian calendar birthday is not enough, you must change it into Lunar Calendar of the year you were born. For instance, if you were born on Februaryruary 12, 1983 (a year of Pig), one day before Lunar New Year, which was pretty much the Pig year, but you are a Rat.

    In addition to 1983 and 2019, do you know any other Chinese zodiac years of Pig? With a zodiac calculator, you can calculate the pig years yourself. Any year with a remainder of 3 divided by 12 is the year of the Pig. For example, 2031÷12= quotient, and the remainder is 3, so 2031 is a zodiac Pig year. Recent Chinese zodiac Pig years include 1911, 1923, 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007, 2019, 2031, etc.

    Though Rat people share similar characteristics, but they can be different in personalities and manners. Chinese zodiac signs give the reason that the five elements, including gold (Metal), Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth influence every Pig’s zodiac signs. Each element comes in a 60-year cycle. 2019 is an Earth Pig year, and next Earth Pig year will be 2079.

    For the question, “am I a Pig? If you were born in 1959 or 1983 (or other zodiac years of Pig, you are most likely a Pig, but you may be a Rat. With the table of the exact start date and end date of recent Pig zodiac years, you can work it out yourself.

    Recent Chinese Zodiac Pig Years

    Rat YearStart DateEnd Date Element
    1923February.16, 1923 February.4, 1924Water Pig
    1935February.4, 1935January.23, 1936Wood Pig
    1947January.22, 1947February.9, 1948Fire Pig
    1959February.8, 1959January.27, 1960Earth Pig
    1971January.27, 1971 February.24, 1972Metal Pig
    1983February.13, 1983February.1, 1984Water Pig
    1995January.31, 1995February.18, 1996Wood Pig
    2007February.18, 2007February.6, 2008Fire Pig
    2019 February.5, 2019January.24, 2020Earth Pig
    2031 January.23, 2031February.10, 2032Metal Pig

    Chinese Zodiac Calculator

    Select your date of birth and find out your Chinese zodiac sign.

    Chinese Zodiac Pig in Chinese Culture

    In the eyes of Chinese people, pigs are the most honest livestock. Pig, with a round, fat face and head, looks humble and honest. Pig wakes up to eat, sleeps after being full, and never exercises. So pig is a notoriously lazy animal, and one of the main reasons why they grow the fastest of all domestic animals. Pigs are also notoriously dirty. Therefore, pigs usuall described to be stupid, lazy, greedy, and ugly. But in Chinese culture, pig is often a symbol of good luck.

    Auspicious Omen

    For thousands of years, the Pig carries an auspicious meaning and stands for longevity. In Chinese "pig" and "zhu (all)" are homonyms, thus pig often symbolizes "all things are auspicious". Up to now, in the Lingnan area, "roasted suckling pig" is served as the first course of family dinner for major festive events, such as marriage and birthday celebrations, symbolizing "everything goes smoothly" and "good fortune" in the future.

    Bring Good Luck for Scholars

    It is said that since the Tang Dynasty, the successful candidates in the highest imperial examinations made an appointment with each other that if one of them became a general minister in the future, he would ask a calligrapher of the same session to write his name on the Pagoda in red. Because "pig" has the same pronunciation with "zhu" and "pig’s feet" has the same pronunciation with "nominate", the pig has become the mascot of young scholars. Whenever someone took an examination, friends and relatives gave the scholar braised pig's feet, wishing him a success in the examination and have his name written on the pagoda. Later, the custom spread and people gave each other ham at New Year because ham was baked with pigs' feet.

    As Lucky as Pig

    Pigs can always eat well and sleep well, and are regarded as a symbol of "happiness". Su Shi (苏轼), one of the most famous Chinese poet of Song Dynasty, was a famous foodie, and he often treated himself the "braised pork in brown sauce". The soft and smooth taste of the braised pork was indeed full of "blessing", which could not be replaced by other meat products. In most areas of the Central Plains, it is necessary to buy a lot of pork for the Spring Festival 15-day celebrations. Boil it for a long time and bring it to the altar to entertain guests and friends.

    Lucky and Unlucky Things for People Born in the Chinese Zodiac Year of the Pig

    Things to Bring Pig Good luck

    chinese zodiac Pig pernality

  • Lucky numbers: 1, 4, 7 and all combinations of these numbers
  • Lucky days: the 17th, 24th of every Chinese lunar month
  • Lucky colors: black, grey, golden
  • Lucky flowers: hydrangea, nepenthes, Gerbera
  • Lucky direction: Southwest, Northeast, south, north
  • Lucky months: the 1st, 2nd, and 6th Chinese lunar months
  • Lucky stones: Amethyst, garden crystal, amber
  • Things to Bring Pig Bad Luck

  • Unlucky colors: green, brown
  • Unlucky numbers: 2, 6
  • Unlucky directions: southeast, northeast
  • Unlucky months: the 5st and 12th Chinese lunar months
  • Chinese Zodiac Pig Traits: simple, friendly, gentle, honest, silent, irresolute...

    Can’t wait to know about the zodiac Pig personality. The Pig is one of the most popular Chinese zodiac animals. The Pig is simple and naive, gentle and unpretentious. It is the lowest tone in the crowd, but it is a person with original opinions. They are kind-hearted, always ready to help the people around them and don’t care about return. Because of this, Pig people are often thought as a pushover and easy to bully. In fact, they just disdain to argue. However, they can also get angry when pushed too hard. Despite that, they don't hold grudges.

    According to Chinese zodiac signs, Pig people have a double-sided personality and tend to be indecisive. They always take the most thoughtful view of things and think twice. So it always feels like they can't make a decision. But when it comes time to decide on something, they are very firm. If Pigs could learn to express themselves more, things would be a lot easier.

    In addition, Pigs tend to have strong material desires and are able to satisfy themselves.

    Strengths of Pig:

  • Kind, hones and always helpful;
  • A reliable and loyal friend, partner, employee;
  • Humble and unsophisticated personality;
  • Very popular among friends and workmates;
  • They are compassionate and can trust others;
  • An optimist that can make a living without working too hard;
  • Straight forward, don't like to beat around the bush.
  • Strong sense of justice, open and aboveboard
  • Very generous.
  • Weakness of Rat:

  • Shilly-shally
  • Shortsighted, focusing only on the present;
  • Silent and easy to compromise even they are unhappy with it;
  • Too kind to be easily pushed round;
  • Lazy, lack of motivation and ambition, and energy;
  • Indulge in a life of pleasure and comfort
  • Male Pig Personalities

    Chinese zodiac signs have it that Pig men are very outgoing and warm in daily life. They are gentle and do not get angry easily. Pig men are also very focused. Once they have set a goal, they will devote all their energy to achieving it. Pig men are easily cheated of money and affection because they are readily-trusting. So male Pig must watch their pockets carefully for they are too soft hearted.

    Pig men are careful and cautious in relationships, and tender and delicate in front of the persons they like. Pig men are very considerate and gentle towards women, and will try their best to treat their partners well, take best care of their partners. When in a relationship with a Pig man, you can always feel happiness and warmth. A pig man will understand and forgive you, even if you have made many mistakes.

    Most Pig men are very serious in their careers and are suitable for most jobs. However, Pig men tend to lose confidence if they encounter setbacks at work. They are very concerned about other people's opinions and attitudes, and are afraid that others will laugh at them or look down upon them. To overcome this, they often get themselves very busy.

    Female Pig Personalities

    chinese zodiac Pig compatibility

    In Chinese zodiac signs, women born in the year of Pig, are forthright, kind-hearted, resolute, generous and have a strong sense of justice. They are dedicated to work, practical and realistic, treat friends very sincere, loyal and reliable, and often tolerate to others' mistakes. All make female Pigs are very popular. Pig women are also affectionate and tender lovers. They are very family-oriented and make great mothers and wives after marriage, organizing housework in a planned way and being good at managing money.

    Like their male Pigs, Pig women are also too trusting, lack a sense of deception and need to be wary of being duped. In addition, they tend to be impulsive and lack communication and coordination skills. When in a relationship, a female Pig can be too soft-hearted to be led by the nose, and get lost

    Chinese Zodiac Pig Five Elements for Five Characteristics

    ElementsPersonalitiesRecent Years
    Fire pigFriendly and helpful, a good listener, a man of ambition, but lack of decisiveness1947, 2007, 2067
    Earth PigEnthusiastic and positive, like to make friends, tough and compassionate 1899, 1959, 2019
    Metal PigPeople of their words, broad-minded, thankful, magnanimous and can forgive others' honest mistakes 1911, 1971, 2031
    Water Pigskillful and considerate, with strong hands-on ability and high efficiency, a perfectionist, and a little stubborn 1983, 2043, 2103
    Wood PigVery compassionate, can be a bit bad-tempered, determined, and resolute1935, 1995, 2055

    Chinese Zodiac Pig Love Compatibility – Your Most Compatible Zodiacs

    Are you lost in love? You don’t know who can be your best partner? Perhaps Chinese zodiac signs can help a bit.

    Born in zodiac Pig year, you are gentle, positive, compassionate, and very popular among friends. But what are the best and worst match for Pig?

    Best Matches: Tiger, Sheep, Rabbit

    Zodiac Pigs and Tigers are made for each other. When they meet, they fall in love at first sight. They can talk about everything when they are dating. They understand and tolerate each other. If they get married, they can live a harmonious and happy life together.

    If a Sheep becomes the partner of a Pig, the Sheep will not only give you warmth and romance, but also will support and assist you in your work and career. Therefore, Sheep is not only your good emotional partner, but also your "partner" in your career.

    Pig is a very intelligent person, knowledgeable and full of talent. Therefore, Rabbit people are unconsciously attracted to Pig. The marriage between Rabbit and Pig people is ordinary and simple, but also long.

    chinese zodiac Pig compatibility

    Least Matches: Snake, Monkey,

    Snake and Pig have different mindsets, which can lead to a lot of trouble in their relationship and adversely affect every part of life.

    The Pig and Monkey have no understanding with each other and have different living habits and styles. As a result, the relationship between them can easily get into a deadlock and they can't live in harmony.

    Pig and pig in a relationship are prone to emotional rift, they can not actively cooperate, but quarrel quite often.

    Pig’s Love Compatibility with 12 Chinese Zodiac Animals


    Guide for Pigs’ Career & Jobs

    Pigs are usually self-disciplined, commercially minded., and have a strong sense of morality and a straightforward personality. From the perspective of Chinese zodiac signs, Pig has the bet financially fortunate of the 12 zodiac animals, and they are likely to become top people in any profession. However, pigs are relatively impatient and like to have their own way in work. So Pig people are better suited for jobs in literature and art and transportation

    Pigs are very eager to learn, and most of them work very hard. Therefore, Pigs tend to exert their talents in fields such as learning and art. Generally speaking, suitable careers for Pig people include navigation, transportation, sound engineers, entertainment, catering, cosmetics etc.

    Pigs do not know how to manage money, so they are not suggested to work in business, trade and finance.

    Zodiac Pig Famous People


  • Ronald Wilson Reagan: born on February 6 (the 8th day of the first lunar month), 1911, Metal Pig
  • Actors:

  • Chris Hemsworth: born on August 11 (the 3rd day of the seventh lunar month), 1983, Water Pig
  • Sofia Coppola: born on May 14 (the 20th day of the fourth lunar month), 1971, Water Pig
  • Athletes:

  • Magic Johnson: born on August 14 (the 11th day of the seventh lunar month), 1959, Earth Pig
  • Writers:

  • Ernest Miller Hemingway: born on June 21 (the 14th day of the sixth lunar month), 1899, Earth Pig
  • Zodiac Pig’s Horoscope in 2024 - the Year of Dragon

    Overview: Pig people will have a year full of opportunities and challenges in 2024. They may experience some ups and downs, and fluctuations, and need pay special attention to changes at home and at work. Overall, the Pig will be in good shape and their finances will be good for their careers.

    Read the details of Zodiac Pig’s horoscope in 2024 and follow the advice.


    2024 is a relatively good year for the Pig's health horoscope. Fortunately, there are no bad stars in the current year to have a direct impact on health. Combined with the fact that Pig people usually have good living habits, focusing on exercise and sports, as well as health care, most Pig people's health can remain stable, and will seldom be troubled by problems such as illnesses or colds. You don't have to worry too much about your personal health, and you can devote yourselves to your work and life in a healthy state.

    However, Pig people need to be vigilant in terms of security. There is the influence of the evil star "Heavenly Danger" in the current year, which especially affects safety issues. Therefore, the Pig must take special care of their own safety. Be especially vigilant when going out. When you are travelling by car or participating in outdoor sports, you need to be extra careful and mindful of your safety.

    chinese zodiac Pig horoscope


    The Pig's career horoscope in 2024 is gratifying. Influenced by the lucky stars "Long De" and "Zi Wei", the Pig enjoys the support of the Noble Person in the Year of the Dragon. No matter where they are, they can get help and support from others. This makes Pig people lucky and more likely to encounter some opportunities at work and business opportunities.

    In addition, Pig people themselves are diligent and hardworking people, actively learning all kinds of new skills and knowledge during the weekdays and knowing how to seize opportunities. As a result, Pig people have a higher chance of getting a pay rise, promotion or breakthrough success in 2024.

    However, every coin has two sides. Despite good personal fortune, too rapid development is also likely to cause jealousy and eye-rolling from others. The disturbance of the evil star "Zhu Bird" will lead some trouble and gossips for Pig people at work. In addition, pressure from rivals needs to be dealt with cautiously. At critical moments, Pig people should be extra cautious and manage their words and behaviour well, so as not to give others a chance to take advantage of them. You should also focus on building your personal image and reputation to enhance your professional competitiveness.

    Love & Relationship

    Sheltered by the auspicious star "Purple Violet", the Pig's popularity and connections are quite good in this year. Whether you are married or single, you can get satisfactory relationship in the Year of the Dragon. Wherever you go, you will be able to attract the attention and help of others, which is undoubtedly a good chance for entering a relationship. 

    For those who are married, your relationship with your partner is relatively stable. Pig married people can enjoy marital bliss in 024, with family harmony and without too many conflicts and problems. The tacit understanding and comprehension between you and your partner make your marriage stronger with mutual support and care. Such a stable relationship brings stability and fulfilment to your life.


    The Pig's fortune in 2024 is a mixed bag. Under the auspicious star "Long De", the Pig's career will go smoothly this year, with chances of getting a pay rise, promotion and wealth accumulation. However, the impact of the evil star "Violent Defeat" will have an impact on the Pig's financial fortune. Especially in the second half of the year, Pig people may encounter more serious cases of bankruptcy and face difficulties in keeping their wealth. 

    In the face of this situation, Pig people are advised to develop a strategy to deal with it. Firstly, you need to review your financial situation and identify problems and risk points that may lead to financial loss. Secondly, you need to control your expenses, cut costs and avoid unnecessary expenditures. In addition, Pig people may also consider seeking help from financial advisors or professionals.

    Chinese Zodiac Pig Vocabulary & Idioms

    生肖 shēng xiāo Chinese Zodiac
    农历生日 nóng lì shēng rì Lunar Birthday
    你属什么 nǐ shǔ shén me What is your Chinese zodiac animal?
    我属猪 Wǒ shǔ zhū  I am a Pig in the Chinese zodiac sign
    猪朋狗友zhū péng gǒu yǒufair-weather friend
    猪羊变色Zhū yang biàn sè A result is completely different from what was originally expected, and even becomes the opposite result.
    猪突豨勇zhū tū xī yǒngIt is sharp and brave, like a pig running.
    一龙一猪yī lóng yī zhūOne is very capable, while the other is extremely incompetent.

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