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The Goat (or Sheep) occupies the eighth position among the animals of the Chinese zodiac, after the Horse and before the Monkey. The Chinese zodiac is a 12-year cycle, with an animal representing each year. In order, the 12 zodiac animals are Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and Pig.

Chinese people believe that a person’s personality is closely related to his/her Chinese zodiac sign. People born under the Chinese zodiac animal Goat are said to be polite, calm, gentle, sympathetic, creative, and reserved.

The last year of the Goat was 2015. The next year of the Goat will be 2027, to be more specific, a Fire Goat year. Chinese Lunar New Year starts from February 6, 2027, and lasts until January 25, 2028.

However, is it the Year of the Goat, Sheep, Ram? The confusion relates to the Chinese character "羊" (yáng) which is defined as a ruminant mammal generally with horns on its head. Yang covers goat, sheep, antelope, gazelle, etc. Therefore, both of the Year of the Goat and the Year of the Sheep are correct.

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  • Chinese Zodiac Goat Years – Am I a Goat?

    The Chinese zodiac is part of a complex system of Chinese astrology. The twelve zodiac animal signs cycle year by year. For those born under the Goat zodiac sign, your Chinese zodiac year comes when you are 12, 24, 36, 48, 60, 72, 84...

    Chinese zodiac Goat years include 1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003, 2015, 2027, and 2050. People born in the years above are most often born in a Goat year. But anyone born in early February of 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004, 2016, 2028, etc. Should pay close attention. Your Chinese zodiac animal sign can be Goat or Monkey.

    According to traditional Chinese culture, the starting date of a Chinese zodiac year is set by Lichun instead of the Chinese New Year. Lichun (立春), the start of spring, is the first solar term of the 24 Solar Terms of the Chinese lunar calendar, which usually falls on February 3, 4, or 5 of the Gregorian calendar. For example, if you were born on February 3, 1979, your Chinese zodiac sign is Horse instead of Goat, even though the Chinese New Year 1979 fell on January 28, 1979.

    As you may know, the Gregorian calendar usually does not line up with the Chinese lunisolar calendar. If you were born on February 3, 4, or 5, you need to confirm your Chinese zodiac animal by checking the date of Lichun of the year you were born. Or just check out the following table of Chinese zodiac years of Goat to determine your correct zodiac sign.

    Recent Chinese Zodiac Goat Years

    Goat YearStart DateEnd Date Element
    1931 February 5, 1931 February 4, 1932 Metal Goat
    1943 February 5, 1943 February 4, 1944 Water Goat
    1955 February 4, 1955 February 4, 1956 Wood Goat
    1967 February 4, 1967 February 4, 1968 Fire Goat
    1979 February 4, 1979 February 4, 1980 Earth Goat
    1991 February 4, 1991 February 3, 1992 Metal Goat
    2003 February 4, 2003 February 3, 2004 Water Goat
    2015 February 4, 2015 February 3, 2016 Wood Goat
    2027 February 4, 2027 February 3, 2028 Fire Goat
    2039 February 4, 2039 February 3, 2040 Earth Goat

    Chinese Zodiac Goat in Chinese Culture

    In the Chinese zodiac, the Goat is not a favorite zodiac. It’s been said that people born in the year of the Goat will have a hard life, especially for females. So many Chinese people avoid delivering a baby in a Goat year. This theory has been controversial because some Chinese folk experts say there’s a misunderstanding during the spreading in history.

    The year of the Goat is actually a good year as the goat itself represents very good and lucky meanings in Chinese culture since ancient times. In addition, the Goat year is the eighth of the Chinese zodiac years. We all know how many Chinese people love the number eight. Read on to learn more symbolic meanings of the Chinese zodiac animal Goat in Chinese culture.

    1. Symbol of Good Luck

    In ancient China, the Chinese character for goat "羊" (yáng) equaled to character for auspicious "祥" (xiáng). The term for auspicious "吉祥" was also written as "吉羊" (auspicious goat). Goat is a symbol of good luck in traditional Chinese culture. Ancient Chinese people hung goat heads on the door lintels at the beginning of the Chinese Lunar New Year. They also sent goats as gifts to one another. Moreover, goats were served as betrothal gifts for the bride to symbolize good luck.

    "羊" was also related to the character "阳" in ancient times. Three goats under the sunshine is a favorite subject of traditional Chinese brush painting, implying the auspicious Chinese term "三阳开泰". Three goats (三羊) represents three suns (三阳).

    The term "三阳开泰" is derived from the hexagrams of the Yijing (易经, The Book of Changes). The hexagram Tai ䷊ (泰卦) has three yin lines on the top and three yang lines on the bottom, symbolizing good luck is coming. Chinese people greet one another with "三阳开泰" during the Chinese New Year festival to wish each other good fortune and prosperity in the new year.

    2. Symbol of Beauty

    The goat is naturally beautiful. Ancient Chinese regarded the goat as a symbol of purity and preciousness. In China, the original meaning and aesthetic consciousness of beauty originated from eating delicious food. The written Chinese character for beauty "美" (měi) is composed of "羊" on the upper part and "大" (dà, meaning big) on the lower. It means the big goat is beautiful. The initial sense of beauty was from the taste of goat meat. Taste aesthetics is a precedent for other aesthetics of human beings.

    3. Symbol of Filial Piety

    When a baby goat goes to drink milk from its mother, it will kneel beneath its mother. Ancient Chinese thought the gesture shows the gratitude of the baby goat, which is explained as 孝 (xiào, filial peity). In Chinese traditions, filial piety is the most important moral tenet.

    4. City of the Goat

    In China, Guangzhou is also called "Goat City" and "City of Five Goats". Legend says that five immortals rode five heavenly goats to the ancient Guangzhou city. They brought rice, grain, wheat, etc. to local people and saved the city in a time of famine. The five immortals were gone by clouds, and the five goats turned into stone goats, standing at the foot of the hill. This is how Guangzhou got its nicknames. In 2007, the legend was collected into the first batch of the representative list of Guangzhou's Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

    Lucky and Unlucky Things for People Born in the Chinese Zodiac Year of the Goat

    Things to Bring Goat Good Luck

  • Lucky numbers: 2, 5, 8, 9, and numbers containing 2, 5, 8, 9 such as 28 and 98
  • Lucky colors: yellow, brown, red, pink, purple
  • Lucky flower: carnations, primroses
  • Lucky directions: south, southwest
  • Lucky months: the 3rd to 6th, 9th, 12th Chinese lunar months
  • Things to Bring Goat Bad Luck

  • Unlucky numbers: 4, 6, 7, and numbers containing 2, 5, 8, 9 such as 64 and 47
  • Unlucky colors: green, gold
  • Unlucky direction: east, west, northwest
  • Unlucky months: the 1st, 2nd, 7th, 8th Chinese lunar months
  • Chinese Zodiac Goat Traits: Gentle, Calm, Kind...

    Occupying the 8th position in the Chinese zodiac, the Goat is a docile animal like the Rabbit. It symbolizes calmness, kindness, harmony, and creativity. Like how the western zodiac works, it’s believed that those born in a Goat year take on the particular characteristics of the Goat.

    Among all Chinese zodiac animals, Goats are the most affectionate. Goat people are righteous, kind, and empathetic. They are also good-natured and even shy. They tend to be elegant artists or creative workers at their best, while they easily become passive and pessimistic in adversity.

    People born in the Chinese zodiac year of Goat are naturally gentle, amiable, generous, and compassionate. They like interacting with people and treating others with sincerity. They also can easily forgive others by understanding other people's difficulties. Because of their elegant and kind personalities, Goat people are well connected and liked by others.

    In terms of work, Goat people are great hands. Under the mild surface are their persevere and resilient traits. They can stand hard work and complete tasks successfully. But Goats don’t like strict restrictions and cannot be strict with themselves.

    At the same time, people born in the Year of the Goat are easy to feel inferior and pessimistic. Their understanding of themselves is confusing. They need emotional support from friends very much. Another negative trait of Goats is that they are indecisive when encountering difficulties and likely to be guided by destiny.

    Strengths of Goat

  • Goat people are gentle, kind, compassionate.
  • They are cautious, reliable, thoughtful, and caring.
  • Ambitious, hardworking, and meticulous.
  • Goats are cordial, sociable, and popular among friends.
  • Talented, artistic, creative, and full of imagination.
  • They are frugal, economical, and do not waste at will.
  • Weakness of Goat

  • Goats are pessimistic, sentimental, easy to think negatively.
  • Inwardly very stubborn but outwardly yielding and timid.
  • Goat people are indecisive and submit to the will of Heaven.
  • Dependent and like to be looked after by others.
  • They are too shy to seize good opportunities to express themselves.
  • Male Goat Characteristics

    In Chinese zodiac signs, male Goats are typical gentlemen. They are gentle, kind-hearted, generous, and family-oriented. They don’t hold grudges. People under the Goat zodiac sign also like to interact with others and make new friends. They have a unique aesthetic vision too.

    Their shortcoming is that male Goats are too pessimistic to see the positive side of things. At work, they are often hesitant when facing choices. Their indecision and lack of opinions make them hard to show their advantages. They also put too much importance on their relationship with others. Even if they are hurt, they are not willing to destroy it easily.

    Female Goat Characteristics

    Women born under the Goat zodiac sign are warm-hearted, easygoing, and very caring. They appear to be gentle on the surface, but they are very tough inside. They are strong in perseverance and insist on self-pursuit. Female Goats don’t like to argue with others. When they disagree with others, they will insist on their own opinions.

    At the same time, Goat women are subjective, stubborn, and paranoid. They pay too much attention to the first impression, making them unable to fully and objectively understand a person. They show extreme personalities at times, sometimes happy, sometimes pessimistic.

    Chinese Zodiac Goat Five Elements for Five Personalities

    ElementsPersonalitiesRecent Years
    Wood Goat Kind-hearted, ambitious, with strong sense of responsibility, stubborn, lack of flexibility1955, 2015
    Fire Goat Kind, easygoing, loyal to friends, enterprising, sentimental1967, 2027
    Earth Goat Honest and frank, loyal to friends, always ready to help friends regardless of their personal gain and loss1979, 2039
    Metal Goat Righteous, frank, emotional, short-tempered1931, 1991
    Water Goat Gentle, kind, sympathetic, active, popular among friends1943, 2003

    Zodiac Goat Love Compatibility – Your Most Compatible Zodiacs

    Chinese astrology is a complex system. By reading an individual’s Bazi (Four Pillars of Destiny) chart, an astrologer can read a person’s destiny, personality, and compatibility with others. The compatibility of the 12 Chinese zodiac animals is derived from the inter-promotion and interaction of twelve Dizhi (地支, Earthly Branches). Zodiac animal Goats are most compatible with Pig, Rabbits, and Horse, and least compatible with Ox and Rat. 

    Best Matches: Pig, Rabbit, Horse

    The zodiac sign Goat is associated with the Earthly Branch wei (未, wèi). According to Chinese astrology, the Pig, the Rabbit, and the Goat are one of the four trines of the San He (三合, Three Harmonies) groups. People under the Goat zodiac sign usually do best with people born in the year of the Pig and Rabbit. The Goat and the Horse are one pair of the Liu He (六合, Six Harmonies) groups. So Goat people are also very compatible with Horse people. 

    Normally, Three Harmonies is better than Six Harmonies. As such, the Goat best matches the Rabbit and the Pig, while the Horse is the second-best compatibility for the Goat.

    Least Matches: Ox, Rat

    The Goat and the Ox are in the same group of the Earthly Branches Liu Chong (六冲, Six Conflicting) groups. They are not suitable for a long-term relationship with each other. Both of them are too stubborn to take a step back. 

    The Goat and the Rat are in the same group of the Liu Hai (六害, Six Harming) groups. So Goat Rat compatibility is also challenging. Goat people and Rat people have very different personalities. If they want to get along with each other, major compromise is required.

    Moreover, the Goat, the Dog, and the Ox are in the samle group of the San Xing (三刑, Three Punishment) groups. This punishment group is called “ungrateful punishment”. Though all of their Wuxing (五行, Five Elements) are earth (土), they are not naturally suited.

    Goat’s Compatibility with 12 Chinese Zodiac Animals

    RatOx Tiger Rabbit Dragon Snake
    WorstWorst Average Best Average Average
    Horse Goat Monkey Rooster Dog Pig
    BestBest Average Average Worst Best

    Guide for Goats’ Career

    Goat people are not dominant, so they prefer to work in a team. The most suitable jobs for people born in a year of the Goat are those that are thoughtful, considerate and optimistic. They are talented and sensitive with a good sense of aesthetics, they are also fit for the arts. Good career options for Goat people include artist, actor, interior, designer, illustrator, publishing editor, writer, hairstylist, and teacher.

    Zodiac Goats’ Horoscope in 2022 the Year of Tiger

    For those under the Goat zodiac sign, the year of the Ox 2021 was a tumultuous year with obstacles because of Fan Tai Sui (offending the God who governs an entire year). In the year of the Tiger 2022, Goat people will have a smooth year.

    With several lucky stars shining upon you, things will go well this year. At work, your capabilities and effort will be recognized by your boss. There is a high chance to get a promotion. For single Goats, you will have great luck in meeting the potential partner.

    Meanwhile, you must pay attention to your health condition and unexpected losses in business.

    Love & Relationship

    Under the positive influence of auspicious stars “Yuede” and “Tianxi”, the Goat natives will have good luck in love in 2022. “Tianxi” star symbolizes good love luck. If you are a single Goat, you are very likely to get attached to a new love relationship.

    For married couples, this is a peaceful and harmonious year. If you are planning to have a baby, this year is a good time. It’s also a good time for goats in a steady relationship to get married and start a new family.


    With the blessing of lucky stars “Tianxi” and “Yuede”, you will enjoy flourishing Direct Wealth (正财) in 2022. Goat people who are doing sales-related jobs like insurance sales, advertising sales, and the real estate agent will make great profits.

    The unlucky star “Xiaohao” will bring the danger of losing money. It’s advisable to save up for the rainy days. Be prudent and don’t indulge in speculative projects. If you need to get into a business agreement, you should pay extra caution to legal matters.


    People born in the Chinese zodiac year of the Goat will have very good luck in 2022. Under the positive influence of the “Yuede” star, you will enjoy a good relationship with peers, superiors, and clients. You will be recognized and rewarded for your hard work. For business owners, it’s also a favorable year. Despite the good luck in your career, you should be cautious.


    Health luck is not very ideal in 2022. Under the negative influence of the “Sifu” and “Huangfan” stars, there might be a chance to suffer from serious diseases. With a thriving career, your health may be neglected. Frequent meetings that involve overeating and drinking will cause harm to your health. Pregnant female Goats should be extra careful. Try to relax and do not overwork. Beware of falls and bruises to prevent miscarriage.

    Zodiac Goat Famous People

  • Thomas Edison: born on February 11, 1847, Fire Goat
  • Rupert Murdoch: born on March 11 (the 23rd day of the first lunar month), 1931, Metal Goat
  • Bill Gates: born on October 28 (the 13th day of the ninth lunar month), 1955, Wood Goat
  • Steve Jobs: born on February 24 (the 3rd day of the second lunar month), 1955, Wood Goat
  • Nicole Kidman: born on June 20 (the 13th day of the fifth lunar month), 1967, Fire Goat
  • Julia Roberts: born on October 28 (the 25th day of the ninth lunar month), 1967, Fire Goat
  • Chinese Zodiac Goat Vocabulary & Idioms

    生肖 shēng xiāo Chinese Zodiac
    农历生日 nóng lì shēng rì Lunar Birthday
    你属什么 nǐ shǔ shén me What is your Chinese zodiac animal?
    我属羊 wǒ shǔ yáng I am a Goat in Chinese zodiac sign.
    三羊开泰 sān yáng kāi tài Auspicious beginning of a new year
    羊肠小道 yáng cháng xiǎo dào A narrow winding path like the bowel of a goat
    亡羊补牢 wáng yáng bǔ láo Better late than never.
    顺手牵羊 shùn shǒu qiān yáng Pick up something on the sly

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