Chinese Zodiac Monkey

The Monkey (猴) ranks the ninth sign in the Chinese zodiac cycle, following the Goat and ahead of the Rooster. The Chinese zodiac, also known as Shengxiao, is a repeating 12-year cycle, with each year related to an animal: rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, rooster, dog and pig.

According to traditional Chinese culture, it’s believed that a person takes on the same qualities as their symbolic Chinese zodiac animal. Anyone born in the Year of the Monkey is thought to be energetic, smart, creative, outgoing, curious, and optimistic.

The latest year of the Monkey was 2016, and the coming year of the Horse will be 2028, to be more specific, an Earth Monkey year. Chinese Zodiac Year of Monkey 2028 starts from February 4, 2028, and lasts until February 2, 2029.

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Chinese Zodiac Monkey

  • Chinese Zodiac Monkey Years
  • Chinese Zodiac Monkey in Chinese Culture
  • Lucky and Unlucky Things for People Born in the Year of the Monkey
  • Chinese Zodiac Monkey Traits
  • Chinese Zodiac Monkey Love Compatibility
  • Guide for Monkeys’ Career & Jobs
  • Monkeys’ Horoscope in 2024 the Year of Dragon
  • Zodiac Monkey Famous People
  • Chinese Zodiac Monkey Vocabulary & Idioms
  • Chinese Zodiac Monkey Years – Am I a Horse?

    Are you a Monkey? If you were born in one of the following years, in most cases, you are probably a Monkey: 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004, 2016, 2028, and 2040. However, if you were born in early February, you should pay extra attention to figure out your China zodiac animal.

    According to Chinese traditions, the Chinese zodiac signs are not set by the Chinese New Year but by Lichun. Lichun (立春), literally the start of spring, is the first solar term of the 24 Solar Terms in the traditional Chinese lunar calendar.

    Lichun Day usually falls on February 3, 4, or 5 of the Gregorian calendar. It could be before or after the date of the Chinese New Year for that year. For example, if you were born on February 5, 2016, your Chinese zodiac animal is the Monkey, not the Goat, even though the Chinese New Year 2016 fell on February 8, 2016.

    As mentioned, the Chinese zodiac recurs in a repeating order every 12 years. For Monkey natives, your Chinese zodiac year comes when you are 12, 24, 36, 48, 60, 72, 84... Chinese people call the zodiac year Ben Ming Nian (本命年) in Chinese. In traditional Chinese culture, it's believed that Benmingnian is a year of bad luck for those born under the zodiac sign for that year.

    If you want to find out whether your Chinese zodiac animal is the Monkey, the Goat, or the Rooster, you need to switch the Gregorian calendar to the Chinese lunar calendar. And then check the date of Lichun that year. Or simply check out the table below to determine whether you are a Monkey or not.

    Recent Chinese Zodiac Monkey Years

    Monkey YearStart DateEnd Date Element
    1932 February 5, 1932 February 3, 1933 Water Monkey
    1944 February 5, 1944 February 3, 1945 Wood Monkey
    1956 February 5, 1956 February 3, 1957 Fire Monkey
    1968 February 5, 1968 February 3, 1969 Earth Monkey
    1980 February 5, 1980 February 3, 1981 Metal Monkey
    1992 February 4, 1992 February 3, 1993 Water Monkey
    2004 February 4, 2004 February 3, 2005 Wood Monkey
    2016 February 4, 2016 February 2, 2017 Fire Monkey
    2028 February 4, 2028 February 2, 2029 Earth Monkey
    2040 February 4, 2040 February 2, 2041 Metal Monkey

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    Chinese Zodiac Monkey in Chinese Culture

    Among the 12 Chinese zodiac signs, the Monkey is a favorite animal. Its smart, energetic, and playful characteristics are embellished, idealized, and worshiped by ancient Chinese people for their pursuit of a better life. The monkey has deep cultural significance in China. Read on to find some of their symbolism in Chinese culture.

    1. Monkey King Sun Wukong

    The most famous monkey in China is probably the “Monkey King” Sun Wukong (孙悟空), the main character in the well-known Chinese novel Journey to the West (西游记). Journey to the West, Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Outlaws of the Marsh, and Dream of the Red Chamber are the Four Great Classical Novels of Chinese literature.

    In Journey to the West, Sun Wukong is a monkey born from a magical rock. He got his incredible superhuman powers through Taoist practices. Sun Wukong protected the Buddhist monk Xuanzang from evil spirits along the way to India. Finally, they brought back Buddhist sutras successfully.

    2. Monkey Kung Fu

    Monkey Kung Fu, or known as Hou Quan (猴拳) in Chinese, is a Chinese martial art that utilizes the movement of monkeys and apes as part of its technique. In the animated film Kung Fu Panda, Master Monkey is one of the supporting characters. His archetype was inspired by the unique martial art Monkey Kung Fu.

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    3. Symbol of Success

    The Chinese character for monkey "猴" sounds the same as the character for high official "候". So monkeys symbolize promising careers and prosperity in China since feudal times. In ancient China, it was an extremely honorable thing to be promoted to a high official position, become a minister, or be conferred a rank of nobility. If you see a Chinese painting of a monkey riding a horse, it represents the good wish of getting promoted quickly.

    4. Symbol of Protection

    According to the Compendium of Materia Medica (Bencao Gangmu, 本草纲目), raising female monkey in the stable can prevent horses from plague. Ancient Chinese people thought the monkey could ward off evil spirits. In the Song Dynasty, people born in the Year of the Monkey wore monkey-shaped coin mascots to drive out evil spirits.

    In rural Shanxi, Shaanxi, and Inner Mongolia, people carve a monkey on the kang (heated sleeping platform built with bricks). It is specially used to tether toddlers who have just learned to crawl at six or seven months. The mother ties one end of a red thread to the monkey’s leg, and the other end to her baby by the waist. It’s believed that the monkey will bless the baby with peace.

    Lucky and Unlucky Things for People Born in the Chinese Zodiac Year of the Monkey

    Things to Bring Goat Good Luck

  • Lucky numbers: 6, 7, 8, and numbers containing 6, 7, 8 such as 68 and 87
  • Lucky colors: brown, gold, silver
  • Lucky flower: chrysanthemum
  • Lucky directions: west, northwest, northeast, southwest
  • Lucky months: the 3rd, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th Chinese lunar months
  • Things to Bring Goat Bad Luck

  • Unlucky numbers: 9
  • Unlucky colors: red, pink
  • Unlucky direction: south
  • Unlucky months: the 4th, 5th Chinese lunar months
  • Chinese Zodiac Monkey Traits: Active, Smart, Humorous...

    In the Chinese zodiac, each animal has particular characteristics. Chinese people believe that a person born in a certain year usually has the characteristics of the animal representing that year. Therefore, the Monkey zodiac affects the personality of those who were born in a Monkey year.

    People under the Monkey zodiac sign are considered smart, alert, observant, ambitious, and versatile. They are also cool-headed, thoughtful, and think deeply about intricate problems. Monkeys are strategists. They never act blindly. They always make plans and prepare everything. They have the personality traits to be successful.

    Monkey natives are generally lively, energetic, confident, humorous, charming, optimistic, and sociable. They are popular and loved by everyone for their humor and enthusiasm. Monkeys are good storytellers and can be very persuasive. Therefore, they are suitable for jobs like sales, lawyers, and politicians.

    On the other side, people born under the zodiac sign of the Monkey tend to be overly confident and self-righteous at times. Monkey people are prone to instant mood swings and a short temper. They can also be fickle and impatient, making them hard to stick to one thing. It can seem like they are not reliable and irresponsible.

    Strengths of Monkey

  • Monkey natives are intelligent, quick-witted, lively, and active.
  • They are optimistic, confident, competitive, and motivated individuals.
  • Friendly, easy to get along with, sociable, and mature.
  • Strong curiosity, learning ability, and creativity.
  • They are smooth talkers with a strong desire for self-expression.
  • Monkeys are flexible, good at grasping opportunities to expand the business.
  • Weakness of Monkey

  • Monkey people are big talkers, sophisticated, tricky, and insincere.
  • Self-centered, and don't care about other people’s point-of-view or feelings.
  • They are overly confident, exaggerated, and vain.
  • They are self-righteous and pursue quick success, so it’s easy to fail because of recklessness.
  • They lack patience and perseverance, and cannot focus on anything for a long time.
  • Male Monkey Characteristics

    Men born in the year of Horse are intelligent, talented, enterprising, competitive, agile, and unfettered. They are also lively, romantic, humorous, witty, and sociable. They can get along very well with others and always bring joy to people around them.

    Meanwhile, male Monkeys tend to be arrogant and exaggerated. They are also very stubborn and stick to their own opinions. Though efficient, Monkey men playful and lack of persistence. They crave for success, but they often focus on immediate interests and quick success.

    Female Horse Characteristics

    Like their zodiac sign, female Monkeys are clever, quick-witted, energetic, and flexible. They are also outgoing, friendly, and humorous. They are very good at dealing with people. Their charming personalities make them popular among friends.

    In addition, Monkey women are impulsive and impatient. They often act immediately without careful consideration and preparation. They also have high self-esteem, a strong sense of superiority, and a little selfishness.

    Chinese Zodiac Monkey Five Elements for Five Personalities

    ElementsPersonalitiesRecent Years
    Wood Monkey Natural leader, intelligent, hardworking, charming, arrogant1944, 2004
    Fire Monkey Enterprising, ambitious, popular, loyal to friends, adventurous, short-tempered1956, 2016
    Earth Monkey Optimistic, frank, loyal, enterprising, hardworking1968, 2028
    Metal Monkey Active, responsible, dedicated to work, sympathetic1980, 2040
    Water Monkey Confident, clever, eloquent, impatient, stubborn1932, 1992

    Zodiac Monkey Love Compatibility – Your Most Compatible Zodiacs

    Chinese Zodiac Animal Signs

    According to Chinese astrology, Chinese zodiac animals’ compatibility is mainly derived from the relations of twelve Dizhi (地支, Earthly Branches). As the 9th animal among the 12 animals in the Chinese Zodiac, the Monkey represents the Earthly Branch shen (申). 

    Chinese zodiac Monkey compatibility is decided by the inter-promotion and interaction relations between shen and other Earthly Branches.

    Best Matches: Rat, Dragon, Snake

    The Monkey, the Rat, and the Dragon are in the same group of the four San He (三合, Three Harmonies) combinations. Generally speaking, people born in the year of the Monkey get along very well with those born in the year of the Rat and Dragon.

    The Monkey and the Snake are in the same pair of the Liu He (六合, Six Harmonies) combinations. Accordingly, Monkey people and Snake people are also compatible with each other.

    Generally, Three Harmonies is better than Six Harmonies. So Monkey natives best match the Rat and the Dragon, while the Snake is the second-best compatibility for the Monkey.

    Least Matches: Tiger, Pig

    The Monkey and the Tiger are in one pair of the Earthly Branches Liu Chong (六冲, Six Conflicting) groups. The Earthly Branches Six Conflicts indicates opposition between the Earth Branches. Therefore, Monkey people and Tiger people are not compatible with each other.

    The Monkey and the Pig are in the same pair of the Liu Hai (六害, Six Harming) groups, so they don’t make a natural match either. Harming means being harmful to each other generally. There will be fights and quarrels between them at times. If they can solve their problems through calm talks, they can have a stable relationship for a long time.

    Monkey’s Compatibility with 12 Chinese Zodiac Animals


    Guide for Monkeys’ Career

    According to Chinese zodiac signs, people born in a Monkey year are naturally curious, impatient, and want to try everything. They feel fulfilled only in work that is full of excitement and challenges. Otherwise, they will feel bored no matter how busy they are. Therefore, challenging jobs like professional athletes, stockbrokers, and journalists are good fits.

    Monkey natives are also calm and cool-headed. They can deal with complicated problems in an orderly manner. So they are also suitable for jobs that require logical thinking, such as detectives, lawyers, and programmers.

    They prefer to work alone without restraint. When Monkeys find a career that appeals to their interests, they are destined to be outstanding. Freelancers, writers, and actors/actresses are also good choices for Monkey people.

    Zodiac Monkeys’ Horoscope in 2024 -- the Year of Dragon

    Overview: For Monkey people, 2024 will be a lucky year for you! In this year, you will have a major breakthrough in both your career and your studies. In the workplace, your intelligence will be fully demonstrated and you will be appreciated by your boss and admired by your colleagues. In 2024, you have a good financial vision and business acumen, and make good investment decisions that allow you to steadily grow your wealth. Besides career and wealth, Monkey people’s love horoscope in 2024 is also very good. Your lively and cheerful personality attracts a lot of attention from the opposite sex.


    In 2024, under the influence of the "Official Runner" star, Monkeys may encounter some disputes or conflicts, and may need to file lawsuits, which will bring some impact on their mental and psychological health. When encountering such bad things, don't run away, but actively face and solve the problem, so as to restore the peace of life, otherwise it will certainly lead to various diseases. 

    It is recommended to eat healthy and focus on the combination of health, exercise and diet. In 2024, Monkeys need to stay away from all kinds of dangerous things. Never go to undeveloped tourist attractions or go out to sea for wild fishing, or play wingsuit flying, which may lead to unexpected danger.


    In terms of career horoscope, the Monkey people in 2024 can get the help of the "Three Tai" lucky star. With every colleague around you, you can have a harmonious and cordial atmosphere in the workplace. When you encounter problems, not only will you not fall on your sword, but you will also help each other. 

    For most ordinary office workers, you are likely to get a promotion and a raise. Monkeys may also become department heads in 2024.

    For self-employed Monkeys, even in the most difficult early stage of business, you will not encounter too many setbacks and obstacles. Basically, your company will be able to gain a good amount of money every quarter. It should be noted that although the Monkey's career horoscope is very good this year, you still need to balance the relationship between life and work, and do not overwork.

    Love & Relationship

    In terms of relationships, the Monkey will be assisted by the auspicious star "Sun" in 2024, and will have good luck in marriage and love. For those who are single, the male elders at home may introduce them to good blind dates. As long as the Monkey can actively participate in the blind date dinner, it is possible to be intoxicated into the river of love.

    For married Monkeys, although conflicts and disputes may occasionally arise between you, there will always be respected male elders around you to mediate. In the end, the conflict will be resolved and the marriage life will be peaceful and happy again.

    Monkeys who have a partner in 2024 can consider getting engaged or married, and the whole process will be very smooth.


    In terms of money, Monkeys will be assisted by the "Huagai" lucky star in 2024. Whether it is normal income, or partial income, your wealth are very considerable. However, no matter how much money you have in your hands, you have to be low-key and introverted, and must not show off everywhere, or you will attract the attention of the lawless elements. Prevent burglars from sneaking in at home, and beware of thieves when you go out.

    In 2024, the Monkey should become more impulsive and not rest on their laurels. You can find ways to make adjustments and changes. For example, you can take the initiative to go abroad to look for a new job and make money. This can all yield good results with less risk.

    Zodiac Monkey Famous People

  • Elizabeth Taylor: born on February 27 (the 22nd day of the first lunar month), 1932, Water Monkey
  • Tom Hanks: born on July 9, 1956 (the 2nd day of the sixth lunar month), Fire Monkey
  • Celine Dion: born on March 30 (the 2nd day of the third lunar month), 1968, Earth Monkey
  • Will Smith: born on September 25 (the 4th day of the eighth lunar month), 1968, Earth Monkey
  • Yao Ming: born on September 12 (the 4th day of the eighth lunar month), 1980, Metal Monkey
  • Selena Gomez: born on July 22 (the 23rd day of the sixth lunar month), 1992, Water Monkey
  • Chinese Zodiac Monkey Vocabulary & Idioms

    生肖 shēng xiāo Chinese Zodiac
    农历生日 nóng lì shēng rì Lunar Birthday
    你属什么 nǐ shǔ shén me What is your Chinese zodiac animal?
    我属猴 wǒ shǔ hóu I am a Monkey in Chinese zodiac sign.
    猴年马月 hóu nián mǎ yuè One of these years
    沐猴而冠 mù hóu ér guàn A snobbish social climber
    杀鸡儆猴 shā jī jǐng hóu Punish someone as a warning to others
    尖嘴猴腮 jiān zuǐ hóu sāi Someone has a wretched appearance with mouth sticks out and chins of an ape.

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