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Baggage Allowance   

Please do not over-pack. China now manufactures many consumer goods meeting international standards. Domestic airlines baggage allowance:

1. Economy class: 20kg (44 lbs.) per person for check in and 5kg (11.2 lbs) for carryon;

2. Business class: 30kg (66.14 lbs) for check-in & 5kg (11.2 lbs) for carryon;

3. First class 40kg (88 lbs) for check-in & 10kg (22.4 lbs) for carryon;

Overweight baggage is calculated at OW*Economy full fare*1.5% (OW is the number of kgs in excess of the allowance). For example, economy full fare Guilin/Xi'an is RMB1090, and if you luggage is 5kg overweight, then you will have to pay 5*1090*1.5%=81.75yuan;

Other things you need to know when taking a flight in China:
1.    Don’t include currency/cash, valuable items, fragile things as well as important documents in the checked luggage;

2.    Only small quantities of cosmetics can be taken and placed in separate bag for inspection, with one item of each type, one containers no more than 100ml; passengers from outside China transferring to domestic flights in China may carry unopened liquid items in sealed transparent bags.

3. Liquid medicines necessary for some patients can be taken in the flights, but must have proper inspection and kept by flight crew.

4. If you travel with an infants, you can apply for free liquid dairy products when purchasing tickets.

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