China Train Baggage Allowance & Policy

Just like there is air baggage allowance while taking flights in China, there is also train baggage allowance when traveling in China by train. It’s necessary to understand China trains baggage allowance for China high-speed trains and normal-speed trains, to ensure a smooth train travel experience in China.

China Trains Carry-on Baggage Allowance

Carry-on Baggage Weight Allowance

The free maximum weight for carry-on luggage between China’s high-speed trains (C/D/G trains) and normal speed trains (K/T/Z trains) are basically the same.

  • For each child (including those with a free ticket): 10 kg (22 lb.)
  • For each adult: 20 kg (44 lb.)
  • For each diplomat: 35 kg (77 lb.)
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    Carry-on Baggage Size Allowance

  • For China high-speed trains: 130cm (51 in)
  • For China normal trains: 160cm (63 in)
  • For rod-shaped items (like a tube containing Chinese painting): 200cm (79 in)
  • Note:
    There is no weight or size limits for wheelchairs of the disabled passengers, even when it’s carried on board as an extra baggage.

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  • Theoretically, each piece passengers taking on board has limitation of weight and size dimensions (length + width + height). In practice, the luggage allowance on China trains is loose. Usually you can take more than what’s prescribed.

    Your carry-on luggage will be scanned at the security check. But the railway station staff seldom measures or weighs baggage unless your baggage is extremely large or heavy. Generally speaking, you can carry as much as you can, as long as your baggage won’t get stuck at the security check.

    However, luggage space on train is limited and it’s common to see Chinese people boarding with lot of baggage. Besides, it’s more secure to put your luggage near you in your car. So it’s better to travel light.

    Things You Can’t Take on a China Train

    To ensure the safe train travel of all passengers, there are certain articles are prohibited to be brought on train, according to China’s “Railway Safety Management Regulations”. Go through the following China trains baggage restrictions to make sure your luggage is packed properly. Generally, anything dangerous is not allowed to be brought on a China train.

    Items Prohibited on China Trains

  • Weapons: guns, firearms, bullets, tranquillizer guns, firefighting guns, prop guns, replica guns, samples and imitations of weaponry.
  • Knives: daggers, switchblade knives, controlled knives, butcher knives, kitchen knives, table knives, axes, batons, bows, crossbow, etc.
  • Explosives: bombs, flares, grenades, explosives, black powder, fireworks, firecrackers, detonators, and imitations of the above items.
  • Inflammables: compressed and liquefied gases such as hydrogen, oxygen (except bagged medical oxygen for patients) and water gas; flammable liquids such as gasoline, ethanol (alcohol), and paint; flash powder, oil paper, hydrogen peroxide, etc.
  • Corrosive, toxic, radioactive, infectious substances: cyanide, highly toxic pesticides, sulfuric acid, mercury, radioactive materials such as radioisotopes, Hepatitis B virus, Bacillus anthracis, Mycobacterium tuberculosis, HIV and other infectious disease pathogens.
  • Live animals, except for a guide dog with necessary documents.
  • Strong magnetized items may interfere with train signals.
  • Articles with a strong odor, such as durian fruit.
  • Bikes are not allowed to be taken on trains in China unless they are packed to the dimensions mentioned above. It’s recommended to consign your bike while traveling China by train. (See our Bike Tours in China)
  • Other items that may be identified as dangerous.
  • Items Limited to Take on China Trains

  • Cigarette: 50 cartons at most.
  • Alcoholic beverages: bottle is well sealed and must with good package with instructions clearly show the alcoholic between 24% to 70%. Total 3000ml at most.
  • Ordinary lighter: 2 at most.
  • Safety Match: 2 small boxes at most.
  • Nail polish, delusterant, hair dye: 50ml at most.
  • Self-spraying pressure vessels (mousse, hair spray, insecticide, air freshener, sunscreen spray, etc.): 150ml each at most and total 600ml at most.
  • Normal vessels for daily necessities with flammable componentsnot (Perfume, toilet water, spray, gel): 100ml each at most
  • Where to Put Your Baggage on a China Train

    If you purchase a business class seat of a China high speed train with large space and only a few passengers, you don’t need to worry much about baggage space. However, the luggage space of first and second class carriage is limited. It’s suggested to travel light and line up for check-in as early as possible, so you could be the first flow to get on the train and have enough places to arrange your baggage. It’s also recommended to put your valuables in a small bag and carry on them all the time.

    China High-speed Trains (C/D/G trains)

    First & Second Class Seat

    1. Luggage Racks

    There are overhead baggage racks at both sides of a carriage on bullet trains of China with a space of 45 to 50cm (18 to 20 inches) wide and 50 to 60cm (20 to 24 inches) high, suitable for suitcases up to 24 inches. Loose items like water bottles and umbrellas shall not be put on the racks in case of falling.

    2. Baggage Cabinet

    Baggage Cabinets for large baggage storage are available at the joint of two carriages. With a height of 1 meter, you can put heavy suitcases up to 28 inches here. If the large luggage storage area is away from your seat, you’d better keep an eye on it, especially the train stops at intermediate stations. It’s also suggested to tag your luggage in case of being taken by mistake.

    3. Last Row of Seats

    There will also be some space to put your luggage in the last row of seats at each carriage.

    China High-speed Trains Luggage Rack

    Business Class Seat

    As the most comfortable seat class on China’s high speed trains, the business class seat provides big space for luggage storage. Except for the same luggage cabinet and racks as the first and second class carriages, business class carriage has board space between each row to give you capacious space to arrange your luggage near your seat.

    China Normal Trains (K/T/Z trains)

    Seat Class Carriage

    1. Luggage Racks

    Overhead baggage rack is 55cm (22 inches) wide and 50cm (20 inches) high, suitable for suitcases up to 28 inches.

    2. Room under Your Seat

    There is also space to place your luggage under your seat. With a height of 30cm (12 inches), the room under your seat is suitable to place a 24-ince suitcase.

    3. Room under the Small Table

    If there is no space on the baggage rack or under your seat, you can put it under the small table (70cm / 28 inches high) near your seat. 

    Hard Sleeper Carriage

    1. Luggage Racks

    Baggage rack overhead is 50cm (20 inches) wide and 40cm (16 inches) high, suitable for suitcases up to 28 inches.

    2. Room under Your Seat

    Space under the lower bunk is 180cm (71 inches) long, 50cm (20 inches) and 30 cm (12 inches) high, suitable to place 22-ince suitcases.

    3. Room under the Small Table

    There is also some space under the small table (31cm/12 inches wide, 70cm/28 inches high) to place your luggage.

    Soft Sleeper Carriage

    1. Luggage Racks

    Overhead baggage rack is 50cm (20 inches) wide and 40cm (16 inches) high, suitable for suitcases up to 28 inches.

    2. Room under Your Seat

    The dimension of the space under the lower bunk is 190cm (75 inches) long, 70cm (28 inches) and 30 cm (12 inches) high, suitable to place 22-ince suitcases.

    3. Room under the Small Table

    The last option is to put heavy baggage under the small public table between the lower bunks.

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