Seeking a walking tour in Hangzhou? Here we provide Hangzhou’s best walking and hiking trails. With local expert guides and a sense of adventure, let’s walk around the West Lake to discover a myriad of ancient temples, gardens and cultural sites, hike off the beaten track, along streams, to the Longjing green tea plantation on the hills. Also hike Huihang Ancient Trail, as important as the Silk Road in China, to uncover the trade and culture exchange over a millennium ago.

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Pick up from hotel or train station in the morning, you will be transferred to the West Lake. It was listed in UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2011, described as having "influenced garden design in the rest of China as well as Japan and Korea over the centuries" and reflecting "an idealized fusion between humans and nature". There are numerous temples, pagodas, gardens around the lake and artificial islands in the lake. Starting from Yuewang Temple (the Tomb and Memorial Hall to general Yue Fei in Song Dynasty), you will walk along the Su Causeway in the west part of the lake. Enjoy the lotus at Quyuan Fenghe (Curved Yard and Lotus Pool in Summer Park and watch and feed fishes at Huagang Guanyu (Fish Viewing at the Flower Pond Park). Continue your walk along the lake, passing Leifeng Pagoda and climb up Wushan Hill to Chenghuangge Pavilion, the best place to have a bird-view over the West Lake. Here, you will enjoy the southern song dynasty snacks banquet for lunch including a cup of flower tea, lotus powder, Hangzhou cat’s ear noodle, crisp cakes and some other local snacks, while enjoying a traditional Chinese music instrumental performance during your snacks banquet.

After lunch, walk 15min to Hefang Street and visit Former Residence of Huxueyan, one of the richest and most famous businessmen in Qing Dynasty. The house is a complex of more than 20 buildings in the typical landscape style of the south of Yangtze River and an excellent example of the magnificent residences of the late Qing Dynasty. The rockery in its Zhiyuan Garden is the largest artificial karst cave in China. This area has been the most flourished street in the city since the ancient time, and you will see many famous century-old shops now, such as Wangxingji Fan Store, Zhangxiaoquan Scissors, Huqingyutang Pharmacy. If you’re interested in China’s TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), Huqingyutang Pharmacy is highly recommended, which is also a museum for TCM. Try more of Hangzhou’s local snacks while walking along the street. Transfer back to hotel in late afternoon.

Meal: L

West Lake

Pick up from hotel and transfer to Jiuxi Yanshu, the starting point of today’s walking tour. Walk 2km leisurely along the Nine Creeks Eighteen Streams walking path to Longjing Village, the original place for the famous Longjing tea. In tea season, you will see villagers are busy with tea leave picking, drying, making and trading tea. You will then walk across the tea farm and climb up to the top of the mountain at 300m in altitude. Continue your walk on the ridge, which is called Shili Langdang trail since ancient time. After 3km, you will get to Zhenji Temple, in front of which stands an ancient Ginkgo Tree with 1400 years age. Turn right, you will descend the steps to Meijiawu Village, another main village produces Longjing Green Tea. The part of the walk is called Yunxi Zhujing, a path across the bamboo forest. Meet your car and transfer to Meijiawu Villlage for a late lunch in tea farmer’s home restaurant. You will have chance to enjoy the authentic Longjing Tea made by the family, and taste special dishes cooked with tea. Transfer back to hotel afterwards.

Meal: B, L

Hangzhou Tea farm walking

Huihang Ancient Trail is one of the three most noted ancient trails in China, together with Silk Road and Tea Horse Road. Starting from Tang Dynasty, it was the most important transportation between Huizhou (currently Tunxi or Huangshan City) and Hangzhou, and it had played an important role in trading and culture exchange. The whole trail is around 25km from Yonglai Village in Lin’an District, Hangzhou to Jixi town, and the altitude between 280 and 1035 meters.
Today, you will be transferred to YongLai by private car (2.5-3hrs) and walk the best part of the trail from South Heaven Gate at 900 meters. Climb up 500m to get to the top and the rest will be descending mostly. The trail differs from steps to flagstone road, macadam road, and flank built above the streams and on the edge of the cliff. Along the trail, you will see ancient bridges, ancient trees, ancient pavilions, grassland, authentic villages, etc. You’re suggested to wear good outdoor waterproof trail shoes and walk with a walking stick.

After the walk, you will be met and transferred back to Hangzhou or to Huangshan, your next destination to continue your hiking holiday in China. End of your 3 days Hangzhou walking tour.

Meal: B, L

Extend the Tour

Huangshan: it appeals to world travelers with Yellow Mountain and the picturesque Hongcun and Xidi villages. Add 2-4 days to Huangshan for hiking Yellow Mountain and unique culture experience.

Beijing: the dynasty capital of China, with numerous historical sites and ancient marvels. Extend your Hangzhou hike tour to Beijing for world heritages: Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, and hiking the Great Wall.

Guilin: the most beautiful place in China featuring amazing karst landscape and laidback rural countryside. Allow yourself for another 3-6 days to hike Li River, Yulong River, Yangshuo countrysideLongji Rice Terraces.

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