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3 days
Shanghai Highlights Tour

Take a 3-day trip to see the most impressive and energetic city – Shanghai, which shows the fantastic blend of ancient & modern, west and eastern cultures. Immerse in ever...

  • Destinations:
  • Shanghai

3 days
Pingyao Weekend Getaway

Pingyao is a lovely small ancient town in Shanxi Province. More than 2700 years ago, during the Zhou Dynasty, Pingyao was initially built, and later in the reign of King Zhuyuan...

  • Destinations:
  • Pingyao

Yunnan Yuanyang Terraced Rice Fields
12 days
Yunnan Highlights Tour

This 12 days Yunnan tour package includes nearly all the famous travel destinations in Yunnan Province, such as Kunming, Dali, Lijiang, Yuanyang, Jianshui, Tiger Leaping Gorge a...

  • Destinations:
  • Kunming - Jianshui - Yuanyang - Kunming - Dali - Lijiang - Shangri-La - Kunming

1 days
Shenzhen Tour

Shenzhen offers tourists an "impossible" opportunity to know China in one day. Just visit the two sites – China Folk Culture Villages and Splendid China. You will find it very...

  • Destinations:
  • Shenzhen

Overlooking Guilin Karst Landscape
27 days
Fantastic China Tour

Take this Fatastic China trip and see the great natural and cultural wonders in China! Different from sightseeing tours, this journey might include some unique beauty in remote ...

  • Destinations:
  • Hong Kong - Guilin - Yangshuo - Guilin - Kunming - Lijiang - Chengdu - Jiuzhaigou - Xi'an - Beijing - Huangshan - Hangzhou - Suzhou - Shanghai

Taoist Meditation
15 days
China Taoism Pilgrimage Adventure

Explore China's mysterious & traditional Taoism by taking this 15 days China Taosim adventure trip. On this tour, from the Baiyun Temple in capital Beijing, Louguantai Templ...

  • Destinations:
  • Beijing - Wudang Mountain - Xian - Chengdu - Huangshan - Shanghai

Seated Buddha of Cave 20, Yungang Grottoes
13 days
Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour to China with Mt. Wutai

This 13-day Buddhist Pilgrimage takes travelers on a discovery journey in China, to visit the Buddhism sites scattered in the vast land. Follow with us and enjoy the amazing and...

  • Destinations:
  • Beijing - Datong - Wutai Mountain - Taiyuan - Pingyao - Xian - Shanghai

5 days
Beijing Guilin Tour

Through this tour, you will first have an overall exploration in the amazing highlights in Beijing, and then fly to Guilin to enjoy the world-reputed amazing natural landscapes....

  • Destinations:
  • Beijng - Guilin

5 days
Beijing Zhangjiajie Getaway Tour

After exploring Beijing's historical heritage sites, such as the Great Wall, Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, etc. Then fly to Zhangjiajie, which is prestigious for its red san...

  • Destinations:
  • Beijing - Zhangjiajie

5 days
Beijing Chengdu Tour

Beijing always attracts the people from all over the world with its flourishing life and cultural heritages, which reflects China's 5000-year-long history. While Chengdu is the ...

  • Destinations:
  • Beijing - Chengdu

Elderly travelers visiting Beijing Bird Nest
11 days
Premier China Tour for Senior Tourists

This 11 days relaxing China tour for seniors, planned to accommodate all levels of ability of elderly travelers (over the age 50), takes you to the ancient landmarks in Beijing ...

  • Destinations:
  • Beijing - Xian - Chongqing - Yangtze Cruise - Shanghai

5 days
Beijing Huangshan Short Break Tour

This tour begins in the national capital - Beijing and then have a short break to Yellow Mountain, which is featured with oddly-shaped pines, grotesque rock formation, Cloud Sea...

  • Destinations:
  • Beijing - Huangshan