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Kung Fu is a treasure part of China, and an important cultural heritage of the world. It doesn't refer simply to the old-fashioned fighting skills or self-defense – to be more precise, it is Chinese martial arts that blend physical exercise with the old oriental philosophy, meditation and aesthetic. Despite the baptism of time, Kung Fu remains dazzlingly divine and now attracts tens of thousands of people out there in the world to learn.

Shaolin Kung Fu

Shaolin Temple in Dengfeng County, Henan Province is the Mecca of authentic Chinese Kong Fu, where you can learn Shaolin Wushu - and get trained and inspired by the talented monks and martial arts masters. Shaolin Wushu is the biggest and most famous school of Chinese kungfu, with over 700 different martial arts routines and weapon trainings and emphasis on "unity of Zen and Martial arts.

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With its diverse and multifaceted system, Shaolin Kung Fu students and learners are allowed and encouraged to pursue traditional routines for fitness, self-defense and athletics, or spiritual exercise for mediation according to individual interests.

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Wudang Tai Ji (Tai Chi)

Tai Chi, short of T’ai chi ch’uan or Taijiquan, is an internal Chinese martial art, with Confucianism doctrines and the dialectics of yin-yang of Taoism in mind. People practice Tai Chi for defense, wellness, longevity and edifying temperament over centuries. Nowadays, Tai Chi has evolved and further developed and spread worldwide.

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With the simple set of slow movements, Tai Chi means to transform your body and give incredible health benefits according to Chinese traditional science of arteries and veins, at the same time strengthening your fighting capability.

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Wing Chun (Ving Tsun / Wing Tsun)

When most Westerns think of Chinese Kung Fu, they think Bruce Lee – a legendary descendant of Wing Chun and apprentice to famous Ip Man (Ye Wen). It is Bruce Lee that first impressed the Western world with Kung Fu, and Wing Chun master Liang Ting who further promoted Wing Chun to over 60 countries and regions.

Brace Lee Kung Fu

Wing Chun is regard as one of the most effective close combat systems throughout the world. Based on sparring, it has various routines mixing internal forces with close proximity punching. The training equipment for learning Wing Chun includes punch bag, candle, crate circle, chopsticks, crabstick, sousands layer paper, and wooden stake.

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There are numerous reputable Kung Fu schools in China with helpful masters and professional Kung Fu training courses. You can customize for a fabulous China Kung Fu tour to explore the birthplaces of different schools of Kung Fu, enjoy the culture of Chinese martial arts, and learn Kung Fu personally!

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