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Necessary Travel Documents   

Necessary Travel Documents for travelling China:
1) Passport, which must have a validity of 6 months after your visit China

2)Visa; most travelers to China needs single-entry visa only, which must have a minimum six (6) months remaining validity after your scheduled entry date into China. after the issuing date so that you can stay in China for a maximum period of 30 days. A visa must be applied and approved before entering China; if you are plan to Hong Kong only, a China visa is not necessary.

3) Tibet Travel Permit (Tibet Visa)
- To travel to Tibet, international travelers are required to obtain a TTP 15 days before entering Tibet. Book a tour with Easy Tour China, and we will arrange the permit for you. Read more>>

4) PSB Permit - Alien's Travel Permit.
If you want to visit travel into certain restricted areas of Tibet, which are not open to foreigners, this special permit is needed and it is issued by issued by the PSB (Public Security Bureau) of Tibet.

5)Your medical records
is recommended to be put in your baggage; don’t forget to take with the doctor’s name, address, phone number and emergency contact number, including that of the insurance company.

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