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China is considered one of the safest countries in the world in which to travel. Crime rate is very low throughout the whole country and there are virtually no crimes committed against tourists visiting China. We arrange safe and comfortable China tours for all our customers; while there are still other tips to follow to make a wonderful and lifestyle experience when you are in China:

1.    Choose reliable hotels instead of those located small, noisy or dirty environments; get advise online or from our professional travel consultants; we have a comprehensive hotel list ranging from luxurious type to farmhouse throughout China;

2.    List all your hotels on your tour itinerary, together with its address, telephone and check-in time, leave one copy to your family members or friends;

3.    Check the room’s window, door and locks; make sure they are closed properly when you leave the hotel or have a rest;

4.    it is suggested that all your important items like valuable things and travel documents are kept at the safety box at the front desk;

5.    Never let a stranger enter your room; just call the front desk to verify who it is;

6.    Tap water is not drinkable; just drink the boiled water or bottle water.


1. Travel with a big group of travelers, remember the guide/driver’s contact number as well as the license plate number of the tourist bus;

2. Follow the guide’s instruction on route, assembling place and time when you have some free time at scenic sites;

3. Please note that not all the spots allow taking photos or video, especially in museums and archeological sites (like Potala Palace); look at the signs and do properly;

4. Take care of your valuable items like wallet, camera, and cell phone when in crowded areas;

5. Stay closely with your children when travelling;

6. Do not trust any strangers easily or follow someone you don’t know to strange places so as not to be cheated;

7. If you have a free day, have a map of the city and start to explore; don’t forget to take the phone number of your guide as well as the Chinese name of your hotel;

8. Always prepare small change, don’t wear precious jewelry or watches when travelling;

9. Do not voice publicly any opinions contrary to China's laws and code of ethics and morals.

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