Trips in China

If you are planning a trip in China, you should read some details below, which are all based on real travelers’ travel experience in the past years. You will read some amounts of travel advice from various sources, but just keep in mind some main points, which help to build a memorable china trip.

Jet lag
After a long flight from your country to China, the jet lag will make travelers feel much tired. Sleep enough before you head for China and have a good rest the day on arrival.

What to Pack for Trips in China
Pack proper clothes and shoes for changeable weather in China, especially when your trip is long and head to different destinations. Sunglass, sun blocks are highly recommended for summer tours while proper coats for winter tours. A pair of comfortable shoes is very necessary if the tour program contains some walking activities. What is more, please pack light, as excess lugguage charge will be levied at the airports in China if your check-in lugguage is beyond the allowance of 20kg per person.

Cell Phone

Before flight to China, it's suggested to consult your phone providers whether your cell phone can be used in China. You can buy or rent a cell phone with a SIM card in China by presenting you ID card and Installing RMB 50-100 first.  If you want to make international calls by Chinese SIM card, more money installing required.

How to make a phone call in China

Call a fixed number or mobile phone by telephone: Fixed Number: 0 + area code or city code + fixed telephone number, for example, the city code of Guilin is 773, phone number is 1234567, so you need to call 0773 + 1234567
Fixed telephone to Cell phone number of another town: 0 + mobile phone number, if both numbers belong to the same city, then "0" is not required.

Call a fixed number or mobile phone from cell phone
Fixed number: 0 + area code of the city you are going to call + fixed telephone number
Mobile phone: Dial the cell phone number directly

Money Exchange
You don’t need to take too much cash when taking trips in China, take your credit cart and you can withdraw money from card on ATM / China Banks; or just exchange money at airport, four or five star hotels; Or go to nearby bank for exchange, but don’t forget to take your passport, which is required;

Throughout China 220 volt 50 AC are used, although some 4 & 5-star hotels are wired for use of 110-volt electrical appliances. Electrical appliances will require an adapter that can change the shape of the plug prongs, as well as an electrical voltage converter that will allow a normal 110-volt appliance to take 220 Volt current. Most of tourist hotels have a hair-dryer in each room, or you can ask for one at the reception desk

Western toilets are available in big cities and airports of China, but there are still lots of squatty potties in most other cities of the country. Pack tissues before you leave the hotel, since there’s not toilet paper in public restrooms. Wet wipes and hand sanitizer, towels are not provided.

Eating in China
China offers travelers varied regional cuisines and interesting snacks. If you are allergic to any food, or have taboos, please confirm with your travel agency about what you do eat or don't eat. Easy Tour China doesn't recommend you to try the street food as your stomach may not be used to it.


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