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Chinese Architecture

  • Fujian Tulou: China’s Ancient Earthen Castles

    China has been experiencing a dramatic change, unfortunately to be followed by the gradually disappearing of some traditional Chinese heritages. Many sniff at the increasingly numerous tall buildings and the pale Western style imitations, instead, searching fo...

  • Ultimate Visual Art: Ancient Chinese Architecture Photography

    The masterwork of ancient architecture is not so much the result of science as a great accomplishment of art. Ancient Chinese architecture, combined perfectly with the other traditional Chinese arts like painting, carving and handicrafts, is an essential ...

  • Luodai: An Honorable Hakka Ancient Town in Chengdu

    Located approximately 20 km (12.4 miles) east of Chengdu city center, one of the many old towns around Chengdu, Sichuan Province, the more than 1800-year-old Luodai Town (洛带古镇) has been carefully rebuilt and is full of the charm of ancient culture, sho...

  • China’s Ancient Village with Surprising Underground Courtyards

    A number of cultural heritage sites in China remain unknown to a large percentage of travelers. For instance, few people experienced the life in the underground cave dwellings.The cave dwelling has a history of 1500 – 2000 years, and is a typical and unique ...

  • China Ancient Village Image Gallery: the Tile-roofed Houses

    An important part of traditional Chinese dwellings, the tile-roofed houses was everywhere in old China, and now can still be seen in the ancient villages.The tiles can be black, red, green, blue or yellow, and create a simple and unsophisticated atmosphere or ...

  • Best Things to Do in Suzhou: Top 10 Classical Gardens

    Outgrowing its original function dedicated to providing a tranquil and meditative atmosphere for ancient Taoist poets, classical Chinese gardens later were much favored by rich families and designed as their private gardens in the Song and Ming dynasties.There...

  • The Remarkable Historical Architectures on the Bund Shanghai

    The Bund (外滩) of Shanghai, with its exotic colonial buildings, is one of the famous landmarks of the city and a must-visit while travelling in Shanghai. Stretching approximately 1500 meters from Waibaidu Bridge in the north to Jinling East Road in the so...

  • Hakka Tulou Buildings Discovery – Also for Tea Culture Experience

    Hakka people’s Tulou buildings (or earth towers) have recorded the changes of over 800 years. The legendary tribes of Hakka in central China travelled south for thousands of kilometers to the remote and isolated mountains of Fujian Province because of the...

  • Hakka Enclosed Houses in Longnan, Jiangxi Province

    The unknown Longnan Town in Jiangxi boasts 367 ancient Hakka enclosed houses, the largest in scale and the best-preserved of its kind in China, each of high artistic value and superb architectural achievement.  Hakka enclosed houses have become precious c...

  • Discover 600+ Seaweed Houses in Dongchudao Village, Shandong

    China is rich in enchantingly beautiful villages that spread across the country. Today we introduce you Dongchudao Village in Shandong Province, which is equally beautiful, charming, yet has its own quirks and unique characteristics.Entirely different from the...

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