Bama Longevity Village

In northwestern Guangxi, South China, Bama County is a settlement for a dozen minority groups including Yao, Zhuang, Mulao, Maonan, etc. It used to be one of China's poorest, most isolated places, and today local minority people still live a simple, peaceful life.

For decades, Bama has been gradually known, mostly because of its residents' unusual longevity, which gives it the name of ‘Longevity Village’, one of the five in China, with more than 75 centenarians to every million people.

Many wonder what the secrets of longevity in Bama are. It seems to be a natural choice. Embraced by green hills covered by bamboos, eucalyptus and chestnut trees, with clear rivers and mountain streams running through, Bama features perfectly fresh air, appropriate sunlight exposure and natural mineral water.

Bama centenarians

Pay homage to centenarians when you’re traveling in Bama, and listen to their life stories. Most of them have lived through wars, famines, the rise and fall of Maoism and the opening to the outside world. These people have been working hard in the fields. According to scientists, this also helps them to develop strong genes and prolong the life.

Today, bama becomes a hidden health resort. Many people, especially the elder people, visit to bama and stay for a period of time with purpose of getting healthier both in body and mind.

Bama lifestyle

Top Things to Do in Bama

Ethnic culture experience: Yao people inherit the amazing Yao culture and folk arts, especially the drum music and drum dance. Zhuang people have their grand Shangsi Festival on March 3rd lunar calendar, when every family prepare hearty banquets with colorful glutinous rice. All Zhuang people dress in traditional clothes, singing and dancing.

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Karst landscape: The karst geography of Bama is as stunning as Guilin, and integrated perfectly into the primitive idyllic scenery.

The Crystal Palace: 43km from Bama Country, the cave is of typical Karst landscape. Marvel at exquisite rock carving and shining stalactite, and have a breath of fresh air rich in negative oxygen ion.

China Karst Landscape discovery

Magic Cave: 33km from Bama Country, the British Cave Research Association named it “the most spectacular cave in the world”. Magic Cave is also an ideal health resort with high concentrations of negative oxygen ions.

Hundred-bird Karst Cave: also known as Dragon Tiger Cave, and with similar cave landscape to Reed Flute Cave in Guilin

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How to get to Bama:

Bama Changshou Villages can be reached by bus from Nanning that is connected with Guilin, Guangzhou by direct domestic flights, and Hong Kong, Bangkok, Singapore by direct international flights.

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