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Can’t wait to explore the enigmatic and wondrous land of JIuzhaigou and Huanglong, where the rays of sun are clean and warm, the snowy mountain are sacred, and the waterfalls and lakes are beyond beautiful.

Jiuzhaigou is a paradise located in Songpan County, Sichuan, China, where the natural world meshes with the human zone, yet retains its serenity and purity. Quite close to jiuzhai Valley, Huanglong Scenic Area and Mounigou Valley are sculpted by lakes, waterfalls and glaciers. The gorgeous, colorful lakes and sparkling waterfalls are the highlights of the region. The famous lakes include Mirror Lake, Wucaichi, Panda Sea, Long Sea, Sparkling Lake, etc. While the scenery is spectacular, the local Tibetan culture is mysterious and enticing. >> Read more about Jiuzhaigou facts, weather, best travel time.

The best way to experience Jiuzhigou and Hulong Valley? Get in touch with a destination expert of ETC right now to work on an itinerary tailor-made just for you. On our guided Jiuzhaigou tour packages and hiking adventures, accompanied by a private local guide, you can explore the best and most of the area.

Suggested Private Jiuzhaigou Tour Packages

Looking for the best Jiuzhaigou tours from Chengdu, Beijing or even from your place? There are the magic journeys and nature adventures waiting for you. Travel into the UNESCO-protected JIuzhaigou and Huanglong national parks and check out the most beautiful sites. Want to travel in luxury? The international 5-star hotels make sure you don’t have to compromise on comfort and luxury.

  • 3 Days
    Jiuzhaigou Weekend Getaway Tour

    As one of the most beautiful places in China, Jiuzhaigou will never let you down. It has become symbolic for all that is serene...

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  • 6 Days
    Chengdu Jiuzhaigou Tour

    The 6 days Chengdu Jiuzhaigou tour package offers almost everything visitors to Sichuan expert, from the giant pandas, Sichuan ...

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