Binghai Road

Known as Coastal Road of Dalian, Binhai Road is one of the top tourist attractions of the city. It stretches about 40 km along the southern edge of the Dalian peninsula. One side of the road features mountainous areas covered with dense forests, while the opposite side reveals the panoramic coastline and sea. Thanks to the clear, fresh air and the beautiful seashore, here has been nicknamed by locals "the natural oxygen bar".

The road is split into three main sections, Binhai West Road from Xinghai Square to Fujiazhuang, Binhai Middle Road from Fujiazhuang to Tiger Beach, and Binhai South Road and Binhai North Road from Tiger Beach to Donghai Beach. It is a perfect place for hiking and jogging. Up to 48 interesting sites and parks are dotted along the route.

binhai road dalian

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