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Most travelers who have been to Dalian conclude that it is a location suited to both tourism and living as it is a beautiful city with clean streets, beaches, islands, gardens and picturesque hilly landscapes. Sunshine, clear air, green lands and all sorts of delicious food all contribute to its many attractions.

Dalian was one of the earliest open coastal cities in China as a free-trade port, and once a Russian concession in the 19th-century. The city was infused with Russian, Japanese, and European architectural influences. These former "symbols" of foreign repression are now fully embraced as part of Dalian's worldly charm. The fresh wide spectrum of sea foods highlights Dalian cuisine. Top Dalian attractions and places to visit include Tiger Beach, Xinghai Beach, Dalian Discovery Kingdom, Dalian Forest Zoo, Xinghai Square, Shengya Aquarium, Laohutan Scenic Park, Dalian People's Square. >> Read more about Dalian facts, shopping, getting around, etc.

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Find Dalian tours & sightseeing, with unrivalled insight into this historical and contemporary city. We can also tailor your vacation based on your needs and budget.

  • 3 Days
    Dalian Tour

    Knows for its pleasant, clean air, and bright beaches, Dalian is a world-famous summer resort. Just enjoy a 3-day Dalian trip a

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    Dalian Tour

    Make an in-depth exploration of charming Dalian, with all typical attractions - enchanting Bangchuidao Scenic Area, fantastic G

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Explore China beyond Dalian with your own knowledgeable local guide. Also travel to Beijing, Xian, Shanghai, Shenyang and Harbin to be embraced by history, culture and natural scenery.

Top Experiences & Attractions in Dalian

  • Located around 50 km (30 mi) from downtown, Golden Pebble Beach, named after the unique rock formations of the area, is a tourist destination surrounded by sea water on three sides...
  • Perched at 9 Middle Binghai Road of Dalian city, Tiger Beach Ocean Park is the China’s largest maritime amusement park, which was granted the top 5A National Scenic Spots of Chin...
  • 9 km from downtown, Bangchuidao Scenic Area finds its location at the east end of Binghai Road. Sandwiched by mountains in the north, and blue sea and soft sand beaches in the sout...
  • Known as Coastal Road of Dalian, Binhai Road is one of the top tourist attractions of the city. It stretches about 40 km along the southern edge of the Dalian peninsula. One side o...
  • When the people first arrive at Dalian, they are usually amazed by the colorful squares of different styles here. There are so many large-sized squares at city downtown, which add ...

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