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Most travelers who have been to Dalian conclude that it is a location suited to both tourism and living as it is a beautiful city with clean streets, beaches, islands, gardens and picturesque hilly landscapes. Sunshine, clear air, green lands and all sorts of delicious food all contribute to its many attractions.

Much like Hong Kong, the city was infused with Russian, Japanese, and European architectural influences. These former "symbols" of foreign repression are now fully embraced as part of Dalian's worldly charm. Now join our private tours to get a different experience.
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Knows for its pleasant, clean air, and bright beaches, Dalian is a world-famous summer resort. Just enjoy a 3-day Dalian trip at a relaxing pace.

Make an in-depth exploration of charming Dalian, with all typical attractions - enchanting Bangchuidao Scenic Area, fantastic Golden Pebble Beach, and amazing large-size squares … 

Dalian Attractions More

  • Golden Pebble Beach
    Golden Pebble Beach

    Located around 50 km (30 mi) from downtown, Golden Pebble Beach, named after the unique rock formations of the area, is a tourist destination surrou ...

  • Tiger Beach (Laohutan) Ocean Park
    Tiger Beach (Laohutan) Ocean Park

    Perched at 9 Middle Binghai Road of Dalian city, Tiger Beach Ocean Park is the China’s largest maritime amusement park, which was granted the top 5 ...

  • Bangchuidao Scenic Area
    Bangchuidao Scenic Area

    9 km from downtown, Bangchuidao Scenic Area finds its location at the east end of Binghai Road. Sandwiched by mountains in the north, and blue sea a ...

  • Binghai Road
    Binghai Road

    Known as Coastal Road of Dalian, Binhai Road is one of the top tourist attractions of the city. It stretches about 40 km along the southern edge of ...

  • The Squares in Dalian
    The Squares in Dalian

    When the people first arrive at Dalian, they are usually amazed by the colorful squares of different styles here. There are so many large-sized squa ...

Dalian | Food & Restaurants More

The residents of Dalian are mainly the descendants of the immigrants from Shandong Province in history. Therefore, the local cuisine is featured with the style of Shandong (Lu) Cuisine. It is famous for the freshness of its seafood. Seafood is the main content of Dalian dishes.There are plenty of small restaurants on the roads leading off Zhangshan Square and Friendship Square. The New-Mart Shopping Mall has a huge food court on the 5th floor. There is a night market on Tianjin Jie, where you can sit outside and enjoy the barbecue seafood and other loc ... More

Dalian | Weather & Climate More

The city's climate is a monsoon-influenced humid continental climate, characterized by humid summers due to the East Asian monsoon, and cold, windy, dry winters that reflect the influence of the vast Siberian anticyclone. The city experiences a one-month seasonal lag due to its position on the Liaodong Peninsula. Average temperatures range from -3.6 °C (25.5 °F) in January to 24.5 °C (76.1 °F) in August. Annual precipitation averages 602 mi ... More

Dalian Travel Tips More

Soft and silver sand, blue sea and white sunshades have made up this enticing and modern coastal city - Dalian. For tourists who are planning to take a tour to Dalian, the following things should not be missed.Best time to Dalian1. The best time to visit Dalian is between June and October, though visitors are advised that the city is crowded with tourists during the school summer holidays from early July to late August.2. Dalian draws most tourists from all over the country and beyond at all times of the year. Sea breezes blowing over this coastal city ... More

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