Dalian Travel Tips

Soft and silver sand, blue sea and white sunshades have made up this enticing and modern coastal city - Dalian. For tourists who are planning to take a tour to Dalian, the following things should not be missed.

Best time to Dalian

1. The best time to visit Dalian is between June and October, though visitors are advised that the city is crowded with tourists during the school summer holidays from early July to late August.

2. Dalian draws most tourists from all over the country and beyond at all times of the year. Sea breezes blowing over this coastal city keep it refreshingly cool in the summer, and pleasantly warm in the winter.

3. The summer is the rainy season in Dalian, with most rainfall at night. You'd better take an umbrella or rainwear with you in the evenings.

Body Health & Safety

1. Since Dalian has relatively good air quality, the main health concern for visitors is water. Tap water should be boiled or filtered before drinking, and bottled water is usually a safer bet.

2. Avoid any restaurants that seem strangely quiet. It's always a good idea to pack a few diarrhea tablets before leaving, just in case.

3. Crime, particularly street crime, is low in Dalian as it is in most of China. Additionally pickpockets do operate, so care should be taken with valuables especially in busy shopping areas or on crowded buses or trains.

Shopping & Nightlife

1. For the "fashionistas", the best time to visit Dalian is in September during the annual Dalian International Fashion Festival, when it is possible to buy all the latest fashion in clothing around the word.

2. Dalian is a paradise for shoppers, with numerous shopping choices – world-famous fashion brands, seafood, and seashell carvings, etc.

3. The squares around the downtown area are popular nightlife places for people to enjoy themselves in Dalian, with some popular activities —local acrobatics, modern dance troupes, bars, nightclubs, shows, and performances.

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