Hanging Monastery at Mount Heng

The Hanging Monastery is just outside the town of Hunyuan, 75km southeast of Datong. It is located in Golden Dragon Canyon at the foot of the Mount Heng, built precariously on sheer cliffs in the later period of the Northern Wei Dynasty (386-534).

The halls and pavilions were constructed along the contours of the cliff face between 26 to 50 meters from bottom up by using the natural hollows and outcrops. The buildings are connected by corridors, bridges and boardwalks and contain more than 80 bronze, iron and stone statues of gods and buddhas from different dynasties.

Another feature of the temple is its Three Religious Hall where Buddha, Laotzu (Laozi), and Confucius sit side by side, which is rarely seen in China.

hanging monastery datonghanging templeinside the temple

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