Before your memorable journey comes to an end, please make sure to pay all the bills signed on the ship. You can do it the night before disembarkation in an unhurried manner, probably there might be less guests to do that in advance.

Please get back the laundries and recharged electronic appliance, and pack your suitcases at night. If you want, you can place them in the corridor outside your cabin before you go to bed. The ship crew will collect your baggage to the lobby. Please make sure that the suitcases are properly locked and tagged. Then you will need to keep a small, carry-on bag with you on your last night, which will hold your toiletries and your next day's clothing.

Give yourself some time for a hassle-free disembarkation. Be sure that all the belongings have been taken with you. There is no need to end your fantastic journey with a stress-filled sprint. Give a smile to the service crew and leave the tip envelope to the box (when necessary), and follow the directions of the staff to get off the ship.

For the clients who book a package tour with Easy Tour China, our private guide will be at the ship lobby to meet the clients. We don’t recommend the clients who disembark in Yichang to travel independently to the city downtown as it is not convenient to hire a taxi at all.

Usually, the passengers disembark at Chongqing Chaotianmen Pier if they take the upstream cruise. For those who cruise downstream will disembark at Yichang New Century Pier (the passengers of OTC Victoria Cruise may disembark at Yichang Taohuacun Pier). If to Shanghai, then the dock is called Wusongkou Pier at Baoshan District, about 25 km from city downtown.

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