Top China Tours

China, as the world knows, is much more than what it seems. One of the oldest civilizations in the world, it offers rich cultural heritage at the outset. Although, it is cumbersome to give a thorough description of this vast, complex, and colorful land especially when it comes to China travels, we are one of those few China tour organizers that have mastered the heart and soul of China. Be it any part of China, we assure best of China tours making your celebrations reverberate all the year round. China is indeed incredible in every sense and we prove it in its entirety.

Experience the best of China tours and travels with comfort and convenience reach its zenith. The beauty of experience lies in the fact that China has everything for everyone: mountains, plains, rivers, grasslands, deep forests, deserts, lush green environ, religions, sects, historical monuments, festivals, cultures, languages, dialects, villages, towns, and cities.

Scroll through our list of 10 Best China Tours below, we have incorporated in many must-see attractions and top tourist destinations in China in each package tour, they are suitable for the first timer to China. Hope you can find a holiday of your dreams !!

Top 10 China Tours

8-day China Golden Triangle Tour
This 8-day trip presents the most popular destinations of China in a relaxing and comfortable pace. You will start the golden triangle tour from the one time capital and influential Beijing, then to the historical start of Silk Road - Xian to view the stunning life-style terracotta worriers and the diversified culture there; you last stop come to Shanghai, the Pearl of Oriental.

10-day China Highlight Tour for Mature Tourists
We are glad to launch this holiday which suits the needs of travelers over the age 50 with youth spirits. Mature tourists can fully rest on the unmatched levels of service and easy enjoy the grand site or charming landscape along the trip!

11-day Golden Triangle with Yangtze Cruise
The Yangtze and Golden Triangle vacation is pleasant and comfortable. From the historically significant Beijing, to the marvelous Terracotta army in Xian, to the pleasurable ride on Yangtze and glowing skyscrapers and shops in Shanghai, you will experience the diversified landscape and liveliness in China. Combines a visit to the three gorges dam, this itinerary is very popular for travelers on their first visit to China.

11-day China Highlights Tour
A trip that presents the cradle of Chinese culture with an epic of Guilin landscape tours. Experience the grandeur of China with China Tour Hub and enjoy all the marvels in Beijing, Xian & Shanghai: Great Wall, Forbidden City, Terracotta Army and Old Shanghai. And seeing the most beautiful landscape under heaven, by taking Li river cruise from Guilin to Yangshuo, indulging at the charming countryside Yangshuo...

11-day China Delight Tour
This 11 days will surely make you delight: starting from the metropolic city Shanghai, enjoying the unique karst peaks and country side experience in Guilin and Yangshuo, then stunnning at the eighth wonder terracotta worriers and horses...the last stop is Beijing, the capital city of China with grand imperial buildings and modern landmarks.

13-day China Highlight Tour for Families
Take the kids to China when they are out of school! This specific-designed tour is based on the interest of the families especially the children's. From the amazing Mutianyu Great Wall, the whole family will head to the biking tours on the ancient city wall, marvel at the magical terra cotta army and see the fascinating acrobatic show; then cycle through the countryside Yangshuo with the thrill in Disneyland Hong Kong before flying home. All the child-friendly, fun and educational activities will give the kids life-time memory.

13-day China Tibet Tour
A pleasant journey full of discovery, cultural and sightseeing, starts from the great cities Beijing, Xian and extends to the mysterious Tibet plateau for the dramatic landscape and minority culture; stops one day at Chengdu for the universal-loved giant pandas. The last contrast ends at the sky-scrapers Shanghai.

15-day China Impression with Yangtze Cruise
Experience the natural wonders and culture of China by taking this China Impression Tours. It spans from the Olympic city Beijing and ends at the bustling metropolitan Hongkong, you will enjoy everything from the magnificent imperial complex in Beijing to the spectacular sights including the Terracotta Warriors, Three Gorges and of course the karst heaven - Guilin & Yangshuo (fun activities included).

16-day China Great Wall Panorama
Beijing is not the only place to see the snaking Great wall; on this tour, you will have opportunity to see other wild Great wall sections in Beijing, Jiayuguan & Yinchuan of Gansu province, Zhongwei of Ningxia region, Datong Shanxi province as well as other historical relics along the way.

20-day China Odyssey Tour
The China Odyssey Tour provides the most famous historical sites, picturesque landscape and modern landmarks in China. Travel from the narrow hutongs of Beijing and Xian to the grand snow mountain in Lijiang, mighty Yangtze, travelers will experience the ever-changing urban and rural cultures throughout the vast China. The Odyssey Tours around China will truly entertain you!


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