Yangjiabu Folklore Garden

Lying outside downtown Weifang, Yangjiabu is a great village for Chinese traditional folk art. Inside the village, the Yangjiabu Kite Factory, built in 1986, is known as the largest of its kind nationwide, and now has gradually turned into a showcase, namely Yangjiabu Folklore Garden, for kites, woodcut new year pictures as well as other forms of local folk art.  

To better preserve and highlight kite culture and woodcut new year picture culture, Yangjiabu Folklore Garden was built with kite museum, kite workshop, woodcut new year picture museum and woodcut new year picture workshop. Cultural relics pavilions, painting and writing galleries and a handful of beauty spots, they are also attractions that may guide visitors toward ancient customs and authentic local life.

The production of woodcut new year pictures has a history of over 400 years in Yangjiabu, began in Ming Dynasty. Yangjiabu isone of China’s three woodcut new year picture producing areas. Different from other schools, Yangjiabu woodcut new year picture has its own distinctive features like artistic exaggeration, clean lines, strong color contrasts and imaginative design. The themes are varied: animals, flowers, mountains and rivers, beauties, Chinese traditional gods, characters in legends and fairy tales and so on. Visitor in good spirits can make yourself a woodcut new year picture in Yangjiabu Folklore Garden!


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