Weifang Food & Restaurant

Weifang food features saltiness and freshness, and lays emphasis on slicing skills and the variety of cooking styles. There are many delicious snacks and dishes with local characteristics, the most popular among which are Chaotian Guo, Mizhou Roast Duck, Ji-Ya Hele and Huoshao suffed with meat. Weifang also serves excellent Sichuan Cuisine, seafood, Korean food and Japanese food. Jinshuiquan Food Street, Train Station Pedestrian Street, and Wei County Food Street are three main food courts.

Ji-Ya Hele: or Hele, with its name literally symbolizing harmony, is a kind of noodle, originally from Shanxi province. Weifang Hele is stewed with chicken and duck soup, together with sliced meatball, salted vegetables and various ingredients., Hele was listed as a "Chinese Famous Snack" by China Cuisine Association in 1997.

Chaotian Guo: Legend has that Chaotian Guo originated in folk market during Qing Dynasty. In 1997, it was recommended and honored as "Chinese Famous Snack" by China Cuisine Association. People eating Chaotian Guo sit around a special table, in the middle of which, there is a 50-centimeter-wide and 65-centimeter-depth pot. The big pot has just about everything you could wish for.

Huoshao stuffed with meat: Weifang serves a wide range of Huoshao, and Huoshao stuffed with meat is the most popular. It has refined look and tastes delicious! Old Chenghuang Temple boasts the most authentic Huoshao stuffed with meat. Just remember to eat freshly-made Huoshao as it remains the original taste and flavor.

Recommended Restaurants:

Chinese Food

Add: 6 Ronghua Road, Gaoxin District
Tel: 86-536- 8888090

Yantai Jiaozi
Add: on the road south of and running parallel to Shengli Street.
Tel: 86-536-8215692

Jingdian Chuancai
Add: 262 Dongfeng Dong Street, Kuiwen District

Sea Palace
Add: 303 Dongfeng Dong Street, Kuiwen District
Tel: 86-536-8257777

Hanchongqing Chaotianguo
Add: near the East Gate of Xishangyu living Area, Yuxin Street
Tel: 86-536-8282098

Korean Food

Han Jiang
Add: 23 Fushou Xi Street. Weicheng District
Tel: 86-536-8579820

Japanese Food

Add: On Siping Road about 25 meters south of Chengxiang Jiudian
Tel: 86-13356735035

Western Food

George's Coffee
Add: 200 meters to the interaction of Yuhe Road and Dongfeng Street
Tel: 86-536-8218877

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