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Weifang, famed as "Kite Capital of the World", is a land with a human occupation history of over 7, 000 years and a modern China city with popping-up high buildings all around. Despite its modern and new looks, Weifang still remains the distinctive old-school charm by owing those ancient relics, historical sites, as well as arts and crafts products.

Come to Weifang in spring, you are most likely to have fun in the vivid and thriving Weifang International Kite Festival. Take a Weifang tour with us to visit the Weifang World Kite Museum, the Bailang Oasis Wetlands Park and get to learn about the woodcut new year picture in Yangjiabu Folklore Garden!

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Weifang is a historical city in east Shangdong province. Take the 2-day tour to view the famous kite museum, Shihu Garden and Yangjiabu Folk Village.

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  • The Weifang International Kite Festival
    The Weifang International Kite Festival

    The Weifang International Kite Festival has been an annual kite-flying festival taking place during the spring time every yearinWeifang, Shandong pr ...

  • Weifang World Kite Museum
    Weifang World Kite Museum

    Completed in 1989, Weifang World Kite Museum is China’s first large-scale kite museum.A representative building of“kitecapital of the world” ...

  • Yangjiabu Folklore Garden
    Yangjiabu Folklore Garden

    ying outside downtown Weifang, Yangjiabu is a great village for Chinese traditional folk art. Inside the village, the Yangjiabu Kite Factory, built ...

  • Bailang Oasis Wetlands Park
    Bailang Oasis Wetlands Park

    Bailang Oasis Wetlands Park is a national 4A scenic spot located on the upper reaches of Bailang River, the main river in Weifang. Flowing from the ...

  • Shihu Garden
    Shihu Garden

    Situated at 49 Hujia Paifang Street, Weicheng District of Weifang city, Shihu Garden is a neat and well-maintained garden of typical Chinese style, ...

Weifang | Food & Restaurants More

Weifang food features saltiness and freshness, and lays emphasis on slicing skills and the variety of cooking styles. There are many delicious snacks and dishes with local characteristics, the most popular among which are Chaotian Guo, Mizhou Roast Duck, Ji-Ya Hele and Huoshao suffed with meat. Weifang also serves excellent Sichuan Cuisine, seafood, Korean food and Japanese food. Jinshuiquan Food Street, Train Station Pedestrian Street, and Wei County Food Street are three main food courts. Ji-Ya Hele: or Hele, with its name literally symbolizing harmo ... More

Weifang | Weather & Climate More

Weifang has a temperate sub-humid continental monsoon climate, with abundant sunshine and four distinct seasons, windy but less rain in spring, hot and humid in summer, cool in autumn, and chilly but dry in winter. The average annual temperature comes to 12.3 C (54 F), and annual rainfall 653 mm. More

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