Anyuan Temple

Constructed in 1764, Anyuan Temple, an imitation of Ili Temple in Xinjiang is situated due east of the Mountain Resort. Previously in 1759, more than 6,000 people of the Dashidawa clan of the Junggar tribe in Xinjiang migrated to the former Rehe Province (Chengde being its capital before its abolition as a province after 1949). Because their Gu'erzha Temple on the northern bank of the Ili River in Xinjiang has been destroyed during a war, Qing emperor Qianlong had a similar temple built in Chengde for their worship, naming it An Yuan Miao.

The temple roofs are covered with black glazed tiles. Serving as a foil to green mountains, blue sky and white clouds, the temple looks more magnificent and solemn with religious atmosphere. It is said that in the concept of Buddhism, black color represents the Buddhist Nirvana Mountain. Buddhist believe that they will achieve charitable and pious deeds after death and will not suffer rebirth and redeath nor they will get suffering of samsara (transmigration). At the same time, in Buddhism black color is emblematic of a strong wind, which can help the sailing boat to accelerate its speed and get to the shore of the land of Ultimate Bliss as soon as possible.

Another saying goes: "black color stands for water". The Ili Temple was destroyed by fire, so the Anyuan Temple was designed to be topped with black color, which is symbolic of water covering the roofs of the temple.

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