Chengde Travel Tips

chengdu summer resortChengde, with the fame of “summer resort”, is set in a pleasant river valley bordered by hills. It spreads out south of the magnificent Imperial Summer Villa and famous" Eight Outer Temples ". The following tips would be useful for your Chengde tour.

Best Time to Chengde
1. The best time to Chengde is from April to October, for the beautiful natural scenery and favorable weather. Chengde enjoys a continental climate with four distinct seasons. Tourists can visit Chengde in any time to experience different charms in different seasons.

2. April to May is the best months for spring outing. Cooler summer brings Chengde its fame as a summer resort. Autumn, cool with bright and clear sky, is also a nice season for traveling to Chengde.

Body health & Safety
1. The nights in autumn are crisp and chilly, so it is necessary to take a coat with you. As for winter, it is the best time to enjoy the beautiful snowy scenery.

2. Chengde is a relatively safe place. Beware of pickpockets, especially in crowded areas - the bus & train stations, and other crowded areas.

Shopping & Recreation
1. Local specialties include Hanging Brocades, Wood Carvings, and Teng's Cloth-pasted Painting, etc. Tourists are provided with many options should you wish to buy tourists souvenirs or just do some leisurely window shopping.

2. The main shopping street, Nanyingzi Dajie, is a good place to walk in the evening when a night market stretches along the street. Many of the vendors sell antiques and knick-knacks.

3. Chengde is at its liveliest on Friday and Saturday nights in the summer, when the weekenders are there.

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