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Chengde, 250km northeast of Beijing, got its fame as "summer capital" when Qing emperors constructed imperial palace and spent their summers there. Two UNESCO world heritage sites Eight Outer Temples and Summer Resort

Other spots to explore, the royal hunting fields, the endless sea of forest, vast grassland, Jinshanling Great Wall, Simatai Great Wall, Baiyun Ancient Cave, Chaoyang Cave, the underwater Great Wall in Panjiakou Reservoir and etc.
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This 2-day Chengde tour takes you to the Qing Dynasty's Summer Palace - Chengde Mountain Resort. Walk through all the must-see sites – the startling collections of imperial palaces, and two masterpieces of the famous "Eight Outer Temples".

The well-designed Chengde tour features cultural, historical and natural highlights in and around Chengde; from the active Kuixing Building, magnificent Chengde Summer Resort, fantastic royal temples, to stunning scenery of the Qingchui Peak.

Chengde Attractions More

  • The Mountain Resort
    The Mountain Resort

    In 1703, Qing Emperor Kangxi decided to build his summer resort in Chengde with its proximity to the capital of Beijing. The construction was finish ...

  • Puning Temple
    Puning Temple

    Situated to the north of the Mountain Resort, the Temple was built in 1755 by Qing emperor Qianlong in pursuance of Emperor Kangxi, his grandfather' ...

  • Putuozongsheng Temple
    Putuozongsheng Temple

    The temple is also known as the Lesser Potala Palace. Built within more than 4 years from 1767 to 1771, the temple is located north of the Mountain ...

  • Xumifushou Temple
    Xumifushou Temple

    Encompassing 37,900 square meters, the temple was constructed in 1780 after the model of the Tibetan Tashilungpo Monastery at Shigatse (Xigaze) and ...

  • Anyuan Temple
    Anyuan Temple

    Constructed in 1764, Anyuan Temple, an imitation of Ili Temple in Xinjiang is situated due east of the Mountain Resort. Previously in 1759, more tha ...

  • Pule Temple
    Pule Temple

    Covering 24,000 square meters, Temple of Universal Happiness (also known as Round Pavilion) was erected in 1766 when the upper strata personages fro ...

  • East Qing Tombs
    East Qing Tombs

    Located in Zunhua, 125 kilometers northeast of Beijing, the East Qing Tombs is one of the largest existing tombs with better design and reasonable l ...

Chengde | Food & Restaurants More

Strategically located at the transitional area between the Inner Mongolia Plateau and the Northern China Plain, Chengde fostered a unique culinary culture due to the abundance of diverse agriculture production and game.After the construction of the Mountain Resort by Emperor Kangxi of Qing Dyanasty, the royal family came here every year and brought many other styles of cuisines to Chengde, which made the local cooking improved and developed to a higher standard. Gradually Chengde has formed its own cuisine with famous dishes like chicken wrapped by lot ... More

Chengde | Weather & Climate More

Chengde lies in the northeast of Hebei Province. It borders Beijing and Tianjin in its south, Liaoning Province and Inner Mongolia in the north. Chengde enjoys a continental monsoon climate. The average temperature in the urban area is 8.8℃. It is neither too hot in summer nor too cold in winter. The best time to visit Chengde is from July to September.  Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep ... More

Chengde Travel Tips More

Chengde, with the fame of “summer resort”, is set in a pleasant river valley bordered by hills. It spreads out south of the magnificent Imperial Summer Villa and famous" Eight Outer Temples ". The following tips would be useful for your Chengde tour. Best Time to Chengde1. The best time to Chengde is from April to October, for the beautiful natural scenery and favorable weather. Chengde enjoys a continental climate with four distinct seasons. Tourists can visit Chengde in any time to experience different charms in different seasons.2. April to May is ... More

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