Confucius Family Mansion (Kong Fu)

Situated to the east of the Confucius Temple, Confucius Mansion is where the Confucius direct descendants lived. Clusters of buildings are arranged around nine courtyards, all good examples of traditional Chinese architecture.

The Great Hall of the Mansion is refurnished as it was. A large chair is upholstered in tiger skin. A red-lacquered desk has on it official seals, writing brushes, and insignia, arrows and bamboo slips that served as warrants for arrest and interrogation. The authority there betokened may be imagined. The other buildings were formerly used either to entertain honored guests, local officials and servants of the Confucius family. At one time the family owned 64,000 hectares (158,144 acres) of land in five provinces and received land rents in grain of more than 40,000 tons annually. The family's residential quarters are furnished with a stunning display of gold, silver and copper vessels, and embellished with jade ware, ivory costume embroideries, silk and satins.

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