Jade Emperor Summit of Mount Tai

Towering 1,545 meters above the sea level, the Jade Emperor Peak has been long known as the Celestial Pillar. It is the top of Mount Tai. The name of the peak came from the construction of the Jade Emperor Hall. Overlooking the other smaller peaks in its surroundings, it offers a breathtaking panoramic view of the entire area.

In the summit, the visitors can enjoy the sunrise while standing at the Sun-Viewing Pavilion lying to the east; in the west stands a River-Enjoying Pavilion, there tourists can appreciate sunset clouds and Yellow River.

To Chinese people, Mount Tai is a symbol of greatness and grandeur. In the ancient time, Mount Tai was deified by the feudal rulers of various dynasties and given the title "Divine Emperor of the East Mountain". Quite a number of emperors personally visited Mount Tai to attend grand sacrificial ceremonies. The royal patronage contributed to the construction of many temples, pavilions and other buildings.

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