Southern Pasture

60 km south of Urumqi (2 hours' ride), Southern Pasture is a draw for tourists to see the beautiful highland pasture and unique pastoral life of Kazak people. In fact, 'Urumqi' in Mongolian language just means 'Pretty Pasture'.

The pasture covers an area of about 120 square kilometers (about 45 square miles) with snow-capped mountains, extensive meadow and forest, sparkling waterfalls and brooks in the range. It has become a famous summer resort in Xinjiang.

The land is inhabited by Kazakh herdsmen who graze sheep, cattle, and horses here during the summer. Yurts are scattered on the pasture, which are home to these people. Visitors can visit a local family. The Kazak people are hospitable and generous. They usually invite their guests to share a meal of roasted lamb, milk and their traditional food: hand-picked rice.

West White Poplar Gully (Baiyanggou) is an attractive place in the Southern Pasture. You can ride a horse slowly in the valley to enjoy the stunning view around.

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