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What to See
  • Erdaoqiao Market
    Erdaoqiao Market

    Looking for Uyghur hand-made carpets? Fancy some Russian woodcarvings? How about silverware from the United Arab Emirates? Favor various dried fruit ...

  • Xinjiang Silk Road Museum
    Xinjiang Silk Road Museum

    Xinjiang Silk Road Museum is located at No. 160 Shengli Road in the prosperous business center of Urumqi, close to the famous ethnic shopping and to ...

  • Southern Mosque
    Southern Mosque

    Located near the south gate of Urumqi, it got its name as "Southern Mosque". Repaired in 1902 and 1987, it is a leading mosque in Urumqi city.Embrac ...

  • Southern Pasture
    Southern Pasture

    60 km south of Urumqi (2 hours' ride), Southern Pasture is a draw for tourists to see the beautiful highland pasture and unique pastoral life of Kaz ...

  • Red Hill Park
    Red Hill Park

    On the east bank of Urumqi River, 910m (3000 feet) Red Hill is located at the very center of the city, which resembles a mighty dragon. This reddish ...

  • The Museum of Xinjiang
    The Museum of Xinjiang

    Covering an exhibiting area of 7800 square meters, the museum, of Uygur and Russian styles, is constructed in 1953. A green-tiled dome tops 18m abov ...

  • Heavenly Lake
    Heavenly Lake

    115 km northeast of Urumqi at an elevation of 1980m, the small deep-blue lake is surrounded by hills covered with fir trees and grazed by horses. Sc ...

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