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The "Shining Pearl on the Ancient Silk Road" that is translated as "a beautiful prairie" in Mongolian language. The amazing landscape, exotic cultural atmosphere and sweet smell of fruits drift in the air to make Urumqi Xinjiang a special place to visit beyond the Great Wall.

Urumqi, the capital of Xinjiang province, also the political, economic and cultural center of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, is the stopover for the further exploration of this fabulous land and the great Silk Road. Ethnic diversity especially the Uyghurs, which looks like Caucasian/Turkish than Chinese with their unique culture and custom can be enjoyed here. In recent years, thanks to “The Belt and Road”, Urumqi has become a unique destination for business, leisure, travel, discovery to facilitate an exchange between East and West. >> Read more about Urumqi facts, getting around, shopping, etc.

On an ETC’s customized, guided tour of Urumqi, explore this melting pot for all nationalities. Discover for yourself Xinjiang’s ancient ruins, great mosques, incredible beauty of Tianchi Lake, Nanshan Pasture and Poplar Valley. Mingle with locals to ramble the busting bazaar and taste authentic Xinjiang bread.

Suggested Private Urumqi Tour Packages

Travel to Urumqi Xinjiang to experience dizzying diversity and warm hospitality. Be inspired by our sample Urumqi itineraries and don’t hesitate to contact us to craft your town trip, which can be customized by your interest, hotel preference and travel style.

  • 3 Days
    Urumqi Tour

    This 3-day trip features all fantastic scenic spots in and around Urumqi, including Heavenly Lake, Red Hill Park, and Southern

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Recommended China Tour Packages including Urumqi

Start your adventure of Xinjiang and China Silk Road journey including Urumqi. Find the ruins of the Great Wall and ancient lost cities, breathtaking wilderness of epic deserts, gobi, Yardang landform, Zhangye Danxia Landform… The wild West China will be brought to life through camel riding, camping and other activities.

Top Experiences & Attractions in Urumqi

  • 115 km northeast of Urumqi at an elevation of 1980m, the small deep-blue lake is surrounded by hills covered with fir trees and grazed by horses. Scattered around are the yurts of ...
  • Covering an exhibiting area of 7800 square meters, the museum, of Uygur and Russian styles, is constructed in 1953. A green-tiled dome tops 18m above the main hall and enormous mur...
  • 60 km south of Urumqi (2 hours' ride), Southern Pasture is a draw for tourists to see the beautiful highland pasture and unique pastoral life of Kazak people. In fact, 'Urumqi' in ...
  • Located near the south gate of Urumqi, it got its name as "Southern Mosque". Repaired in 1902 and 1987, it is a leading mosque in Urumqi city....
  • The museum mainly consists of four sections; they are historical section, nationality section, pastoral arts section, jade section. Pieces of art and artifacts from the Khitan King...
  • architectural influence that includes No.1 Sightseeing Tower, Erdaoqiao Mosque, Banquet-Performance Grand Theatre, Merry Square, Sunny Pedestrian Street. In addition to shopping an...

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