Former Residence of Joseph W. Stilwell

Only 4.5 about kilometers southeast of the Chongqing downtown, the residence of Joseph W. Stilwell is worth a visit. General Joseph Warren Stilwell (1883-1946) was chief commander of US forces in the China-Burma-India Theatre during World War II. In 1942, ranked as a major general, he was dispatched to CBI and was regarded as the best field commander in the entire United States Army. General Stilwell was a true friend of the Chinese people as well as a Chinese linguist. To recognize Stilwell's contribution to the Burma Road campaign, part of the Burma Road was named the Stilwell Road.

The main building of the museum is the former residence of General Joseph W. Stilwell. It is a three-storied house, including an office, an adjutant room, two meeting rooms, bedrooms and a basement. More than one hundred articles are displayed, such as, household goods, manuscripts and the uniform. In the residence's courtyard, a monument stands in the center and the epigraph is engraved in both English and Chinese. The epigraph was written by Franklin Delano Roosevelt on May 17, 1944.

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