Golden Pebble Beach

Located around 50 km (30 mi) from downtown, Golden Pebble Beach, named after the unique rock formations of the area, is a tourist destination surrounded by sea water on three sides, consisting of two peninsulas and a sea-water bathing place in between. The beach is an ideal place to relax in the summer with dense forest, soft sand, clear water and gentle breeze.

Dalian Golden Pebble Beach Tourist Resort occupies an area of 62 square kilometers. It was listed as a key national scenic spots in 1998, and was granted 4A National Scenic Spots in 2000. Now the beach has been developed into a center for leisure activities. Inside, there are Golden Pebble Waxworks Hall, Stone Collection Hall, Golden Pebble Park, China Martial Arts Hall, Discovery Kingdom Theme Park, Museum of Mao Zedong’s Badges, and other facilities, etc.

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