Tiger Beach (Laohutan) Ocean Park

Perched at 9 Middle Binghai Road of Dalian city, Tiger Beach Ocean Park is the China’s largest maritime amusement park, which was granted the top 5A National Scenic Spots of China. It encompasses an area of 1.88 million square meters with more than 4,000 meters long zigzagging coastline. The azure sky, blue sea, green hills and grotesque stones in the park create picturesque seashore sceneries.

The Park has the international-level Polar Marine Animals Aquarium (the largest of the same type in the world), Coral Hall, Marine Mammal World and Water-Skiing Show, and the Bird-Singing Woods with 150+ types of different birds, East Mountain Scenic Spot, Tigers Sculpture Square and Ma Siji Wood Carving Gallery. There are plenty of recreational facilities at the Amusement Center also, such as the cross-sea cableway, pleasure-boat, 4D Cinema, thrilling and exciting Jurassic Exploration through the Torrent, pirate ships, bungee jumping and speed gliding.

Tiger Beach Ocean Park has become one of the most popular attractions for tourists and local citizens.


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