Huangguoshu waterfall

Huangguoshu waterfall is one of the biggest waterfalls in China and one of famous waterfalls in the world. It is 74 meters in height and 81 meters in width, forming majestic vigor and grand sight. There exist different sights in day and evening or four seasons. When it comes to summer and autumn, the waterfall is world-shaking and heart-quake; when it comes to spring and winter the water fall is graceful and coquettish. It is like an argent dragon in the brilliant sunshine.

Located in a Zhenning town 45 kilometer from Anshun city, Huangguoshu scenic spot gives priority to waterfall, cave and underground lake. The waterfall is surrounded with overlapped chain of mountain and verdant forests. A hundred-meter cave traverses behind the waterfall and the white water-curtain is just hanging the outside therefore the cave is also called water-curtain cave. When you get out of the cave and permeate the waterfall you will feel the power and vigor of the nature.

Huangguoshu is home to Buyi and Miao and special stone-buildings stand everywhere. There are lots of spots of interest and historical sites nearby, especially the Hongyan stele (red rock stele).

huangguoshu waterfall

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