Mt. Jiuhua

mountain JiuhuaBeing one of the four sacred mountains of Chinese Buddhism, Mount Jiuhua is located in the Qingyang County of the Anhui Province. The gross area of Mount Jiuhua reaches 120 square kilometers, while the protection area reaches 114 square kilometers, and it is famous for its rich landscape and ancient temples.

Mt. Jiuhua was originally called Jiuzi (Nine-Peak) Mountain, however, ever since Li Bai, the celebrated poet in the Tang Dynasty wrote a famous poem of the mountain, Sailing down the Jiujiang River the other day, I saw the Jiuhua Peaks in the distance. Looking like a heavenly river hanging in heaven, its green water embroidering cotton rose hibiscuses. The mountain was renamed Mount Jiuhua. In 719 AD, Kim Qiaoque, prince of the king of XinLuo came to Mount Jiuhua and cultivated here for 5 years. He died at 99 years and his corporeal body stayed intact. Because Kim Qiaoque was very similar in appearance to Dizang Bodhisattva, the monks there then believed Dizang Bodhisattva was reincarnated in him, as a result, many of the mountain's shrines and temples were built to dedicated to Ksitigarbha , who is a bodhisattva and protector of beings in hell realms according to Mahayana Buddhist tradition.

temples on Jiuhuashan

Full of waterfalls, streams, exotic-looking boulders, ancient caves, old pines and exuberant bamboo, Mount Jiuhua is rich in variegated landscape, making it an ideal summer resort. There are 99 peaks in Mount Jiuhua, among which the highest peak Shiwang Mountain is 1342 meters above sea level. Along with 16 ridges, 14 overhanging cliffs, 18 gurgling spring, many caves, deep pools rare stones, and waterfalls, Mount Jiuhua owns 18 scenic spots. In addition to its enchanting scenery, Mount Jiuhua is also famous for the grand scale of temples and nunneries, which are unique in style and magnificent in architecture. There are 79 well-preserved temples, over 1500 Buddha statues and more than 1300 pieces of cultural relics. Among all the temples the most famous ones are Zhiyuan Temple, Dabeilou temple and Huacheng Temple

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