Huangshan Travel Tips

Huangshan Best Travel Time
Yellow Mountain has a humid sub-tropical monsoon climate with four distinctive seasons. Spring and autumn are short while summer and winter lasts four months individually. The temperature in Huangshan changes vertically and the climate of the mountain areas is varied on different elevation, subtropical mountain base, temperate mountainside and frigid mountaintop. It is recommended travelers to Huangshan take umbrella or raincoat since the weather there is uncertain and variable.

All the year round is optimum time to visit Mt.Huagnshan: spring is blooming with colorful flowers and fresh air; summer the best time also the peak season to enjoy the fabulous Seas of Clouds with more rains and less sunshine; autumn is the best season to enjoy the comfortable weather and stunning scenery of yellow mountain but try to avoid the first week of October; when winter comes, the mountains are all covered snow and ice, with less tourists and cheaper accommodations and tickets.

huangshan mountainHuangshan Safety Tips
Visiting Mountain Huangshan involves lots of steps climbing.Be careful when you walk along the edge of cliff and stairs since the ground would be slippery;

Avoid the crowds just let they go or you’ll be at the risk of being push over;

Be prepared for the unpredicted weather, take a sun screen lotion as well as disposal raincoats since weather changed quickly within a single day. Umbrellas are not recommended since the mountain path is narrow and you may hit or blocked other tourists; and the sudden gusts of wind would blow it away.

Smoking is forbidden except in a few smoking spots;

All the materials on the mountain are carried by local men and the rubbish been carried down everyday, so don’t waste anything up or throw rubbish inconsiderately.

Eating in Yellow Mountain

The cuisine of Huangshan in Anhui province, often called Hui-style cuisine, is one of the eight major cuisines in China. It features an elaborate choice of ingredients and incorporates many different cooking styles. Special attention is paid to the taste, color, and appearance of each dish. But food options are limited on the mountain and there are many expensive restaurants in all hotels but there are several small grocery stores selling snacks and drinks.

Representative Huangshan Dishes are Stinky Tofu (Bean Curd), Wenzheng Hill Bamboo Shoots Cooked with Sausage and Dried Mushrooms, Laba Tofu (Bean Curd), Mandarin Perch & Li Hongzhang Hotchpotch; and here are the local yellow mountain restaurants.

Huangshan Shopping Tips
Tunxi Ancient Street is a great place to find local Huangshan special products like high quality red, black and green tea and the traditional “four treasures of the study”. Anhui is famous for its paintbrush, in stick, ink stone and paper used by artists to create traditional Chinese paintings. There are also kinds of traditional Chinese curios and handicrafts on the street; just walk around and try the local snacks.

Huangshan Nightlife / Entertainment
Enjoy funs at night when you on a yellow mountain tour. Most popular choices are the bars, pubs, karaoke, massages in the hotels or just strolling along the Tunxi ancient street night market. Drinking tea is an indispensable part of daily life in Huangshan people and visiting a tea house should be an essential part of your visit.

On the river bank of Xin’an River, there are many street side snack booths, enjoy the local food there as well as the wonderful night river views.

Huangshan Festivals
Huangshan International Tourism Festival is held in October each year, to celebrate four wonders of mountain scenery: spectacular peaks, odd-shaped rocks, seas of cloud and hot springs. During the festival, tourists will appreciate the traditional lantern fair, watch performances of folk customs, take a tour of Huangshan Mountain, visit ancient houses in Huizhou, attend tourism business talks, and economic and trade talks, and go to commodities fairs.

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