Chengkan Village

narrow lanesChengkan Village is located about 40km away from Mt. Huangshan and about half an hour drive from Tunxi. First built in the early times of the Three Kingdoms Period (220-280), Chengkan Village is famous for its well-preserved and amazingly designed residential architecture of Ming Dynasty (1368-1644 A.D.).  Additionally, Chengkan Village is a wonder among the ancient villages in China for its special layout. Chengkan Village is said to be constructed according to the theory of the Eight Trigramkan in Yijing (Classic of Changes). It can be inferred from the name of the village, Chengkan, which is the two most basic elements (ying and yang) in Yijing.
Streams flowing through, eight mountains circle around, the ancient village integrated the featured Hui style houses (white wall and gray tiles) with green hills and clear streams, making a perfectly natural and man-made patterns of Eight Trigramkan. Chengkan Village is a peaceful dwelling for more than 700 households. Three main streets and ninety-nine lanes criss-crossing will lead you into a labyrinth. Inside the village Baolun Hall in the Ancestral Temple of Luo's, built during the Jiaqing's reign, is a representative collection of typical Huizhou architecture. Exquisite engravings of flowers and geometric pattern on the bluestone parapets and creative colored paintings on the beams, lintels and doorframe show the delicate and unique design of this timber frame hall.

For its high value on the research of China's folk architecture, Chengkan Village has been designated as a provincial preservation. If you plan a tour to Huangshan, do drop by this ancient village and you won't be disappointed!

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