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water banquetOwing to its history of serving as the capital of a number of dynasties, food in Luoyang is quite unique, typically featured the Yu Cuisine which attaches great importance to soup preparing.

Water Banquet
Luoyang Water Banquet (Luoyang Shuixi, or flowing banquet), also called soup banquet, is not simply a drinking test, but one of the most traditional Chinese cuisines. The history of this local custom can be traced back over a thousand years. Luoyang is a city surrounded by mountains, and the weather here is cold and dry. In ancient time, people hardly got any fruit to enjoy, thus they invented various soup to make up the need of water.

Unlike most meal customs in China, the dishes served in this banquet are brought one after another, like flowing water, hence the name "Water Banquet". And around one third of the dishes served are soup or semi-soup ones. There're 24 courses in the banquet, noted for its various soups with sour and spicy flavors.

Carp is arguably the most beloved dish in Luoyang. It is said that in the golden olden days of Luoyang, when the capital was swathed in mystery and paved with gold, the fish itself could cost as much as a whole live ox! The dish itself is considered as a great delicacy in these parts, beloved for its tender flesh, nutritional benefits and the stylish design of each dish.
The ideal carp dish is designed with subtle skill. The carp, with its head held high above the plate, is masterfully placed, seeming to be leaping over the cabbage "gorge" at the side of the plate, a symbol of competitive spirit. The dish also is known in these parts as "Carp Leaping over the Gorge".

Zhangji Roast Chicken
Zhangji Roast Chicken (Zhangji kaoji) has long been a household course in the Luoyang area; it is quite a tasty dish.

This version of the traditional roast chicken was allegedly first created through a secret recipe by a man with the surname Zhang. Nowadays this dish has become a popular dish and snack food for locals and travelers alike.

Sour and Spicy Soup
Although it may seem strange for us to place such a simple soup here, let it not be said in front of the locals that the Luoyang Sweet and Sour Soup (Luoyang bufangtang) is for simple taste buds. Great fervor is taken by the Luoyangese in draining large bowls of this eye-watering soup, a great way to clear the tubes.

The best of these soups are made with xianggu mushroom, laver, vermicelli, and dried shrimps placed in boiling water with starch, pepper and liberal quantities of vinegar.

Featured Local restaurants
Baxiangong Restaurant
Add: 2 kilometer south of the Guanlin, close to the Luolong Boulevard.
Tel: 0379-6597 4809
Zhenbutong Restaurant
Add: No359 Zhongzhou Zhong Lu, east of the Xiguan Bus Stop.
Tel: 0379-3955787
Xinghualou Restaurant
Add: Renmin Road, W.
Tel: 0379-3935142
Luoyang Restaurant
Add: Zhongzhou Road, M.
Tel: 0379-3934260
Zhenbutong Restaurant
Add: Zhongzhou Road, E., Old District
Tel: 0379-3952338

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