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China Train Tours
China's intricate train system links the vast country together, which makes travelling to the most intriguing destinations a reality.

Train Tours in China is cheaper than flying. Visitors riding on China trains can enjoy the breathtaking scenery while interacting with fellow travellers. Save your budget on overnight hotels and expensive flight tickets, take the clean, safe and fast comfortable trains in China for inter cities transfer. The high-speed rail – the bullet trains in China are a viable option to flight in speed and comfort; while the soft sleeper class on regular train offers other kinds of comfort.

Tibet Train tours is popular, which is comfortable equipped for high altitude travel; taking trains from Xining or Lanzhou to Lhasa, Travelers can enjoy the amazing natural beauty of the mysterious Plateau on the way. There are some international trains from Beijing China to Hanoi, Moscow, Ulan Bator and Pyongyang which means you can extend China tours by train to these fascinating places.

Recommended China Train Tours 
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    Experience the fastest high speed train from Beijing to Taiyuan/Pingyao. The grand Great wall, intact well-preserved ancient town Pingyao are those listed for your exploration. Take a overnight train to Xi’an and see the entombed Terracotta Army! And you will visit other highlights like Temple of Heaven, Tianan ...
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    Discover the history and culture of China with this amazing package. Trip to the ancient Capitals and explore the many historical landmarks, such as Great Wall, Terracotta Warriors, West Lake, Xiaoling Tomb, and Longmen Grottoes. Also, meet the adorable pandas in Chengdu, experience the romance of Lijiang, enjoy beau ...
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    Enjoy the high speed train trip of China and take in an extraordinary sweep of cultural landmarks through Beijing, Pingyao, Xian, Luoyang & Shanghai. During the rail tours, you will discover the modern and ancient side of Beijing, hike the great wall, stun at the outstanding achievement of Buddhist cave Yungang G ...
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Useful Tips & Guide

Train Travel Tips
China train tickets can be bought at stations or booked through a travel agency; for popular tickets like Tibet trains, it is hard to book by you.

The baggage allowance for adult and child passengers is 20kg and 10kg; the total length of the item can’t be over 160cm.

Finding the right station – there are at least 2 train stations in big cities so check your board stations carefully or you’ll miss the train.

Passing Security Control – when arrive at the rail station you will pass the security control; don’t take animals, toxic, explosive goods and other dangerous items.

Finding the Right Waiting Lounge – there are several waiting lounges at each railway stations, see the message on electronic board and see your train number and find the proper waiting lounge. Take care of your tickets and it will be checked before entering the lounge.

Finding your Car – The numbers of each carriage is clearly marked and a train attendant waits at the door and check passengers’ tickets.

Ticket & Card – At soft or hard sleeper, the train attendant will ask you present the train ticket then give a card as replacement. Before 30-40 minutes of arrival, the staff will bring back your train ticket. Just take care of the card.

There’s a dinning carriage on each train, but without English menu.

There’s one toilet at each carriage, bring own toilet paper before use it; when the train stop the bathroom is always locked.

Take care of your belongings and the children.

Before leaving the carriage, make sure all the belongings are taken; don’t forget to replace your ticket with the card with the train staff.