Hiking is the best way to explore Zhangjiajie. If you’re a walking lover with a sense of adventure, take Zhangjaijie hiking tour in 6 days to discover the Earth’s most stunning mountainscape. There are truly amazing hiking trails in Zhangajiajie leading to secrets and remote mountaintop villages. Hike Zhangjiajie National Forest Park to witness yourself Avatar Floating Mountain. From the magnificent glass bridge, walk to Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon. And hike Tianmen Mountain for the cliffside Guigu Plank Road and skywalk!

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Upon arrival in Zhangjiajie, you will be met and welcomed by Easy Tour China local guide, complete all airport formalities, and then transfer with a private vehicle to set into your hotel.

Start your Zhangjiajie National Forest Park hiking, after taking an exciting cable car to Huangshizhai Village at 1092m. The Huangshizhai hike along a 2.8km trail on the mist-shrouded mountaintop takes about 2.5 hours. On the viewing platform, you can see Five-finger Peak, Golden Tortoise in Sea Fog, Star Picking Stand and other famous attractions. Take cableway downhill, then hike Golden Whip Brook for another 3 hours, known as one of the most beautiful valleys in China, embraced by big mountains. Wind through the peaceful forests of ancient trees, along the gurgling mountain streams, and listen to the birds and insects singing. Stay overnight at Wulingyuan.

Meal: B, L

Zhangjiajie National Forest Park Hiking

Wake up from a good night sleep – this is another beautiful morning. The hiking trip of Zhangjiajie National Forest Park today gets at bit longer and harder. Transfer to Ten-mile Gallery within the Suoxiyu Scenic Area. Hike for 1 to 1.5 hours along a 5-km trail. The soaring peculiar sandstone peaks look like human, animals and birds, creating a landscape painting, hence the name. Move by shuttle bus and take the super-cool Bailong Elevator, world’s highest outdoor elevator, to get to Yuanjiajie Area. You will spend only 1min32sec to ascend for 326m. Start hiking Yuanjiajie (at 1024m) for around 2 hours - a large and gentle mountain composed mainly of quartzite. Along the way, discover yourself the world-famous “Avatar Halleluiah Mountain” surprisingly “floating” on the air. Keep walking to take in the breathtaking views of mountains, forests, deep valleys, magnificent cliffs. And then you see “World’s Number.1 Bridge” – a big natural stone bridge connecting two steep mountains, creating a marvelous spectacle. Renew your strength after the packed lunch. Explore Yangjiajie by hiking the trails (for 1 hour). The forest coverage reaches 95%, so you can breathe the fresh air, walk among greenery and wild flowers, encounter active monkeys, and return deep into the nature. Move to Tianzi Mountain, another highlight of your Zhangjijie adventure, where you can see a wonderful set of sandstone peaks covered by seas of clouds, towering to the sky. It is one of the best places on earth to enjoy the primitive natural beauty. After 2 hours walking, take cableway downhill.

Meal: B, L

Zhangjiajie hiking


For hiking lovers and adventurers, Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon is a should-not-miss site in Zhangjiajie. It is also named Wreck Canyon, for many rotten planks out of nowhere, and named Messy Spring Canyon, for lots of disordered streams and springs. First of all, you will experience the thrilling skywalk on Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge – 370m long and 400m high, world’s highest and longest. Walking on it, you can take in the views of the canyon down at the bottom. Then you have two choices to get to the canyon – taking the Tianxuan Elevator or hiking Tianxuan Plank Road (1.3km). The elevator runs for 120m at a speed of 3.5m/sec. Or you may pick the hiking. The plank roads are built along the Cliffside, just 2m at its broadest and 0.9 at its narrowest, offering quite an exciting walk. Keep hiking the trails, you’ll see many waterfalls, and get to “A Strip of Sky” which is an extremely narrow valley through which you officially walk into the Grand Canyon of Zhangjiajie. Thereafter you come to the Sky Ladder Plank Road with relatively steep slops. So be careful. Walk pass by huge rocks, scared lakes, brooks, and see cliifs covered by ancient vines. On the viewing platform, have a full picture of the canyon. After complete the hiking trip today, transfer back to Wulingyuan.

  Important Notes about Glass Bridge  

  • Glass Bridge is likely to be closed during severe windy and rainstorm weather. So it is suggested to check the weather forecast before departure.
  • You can't carry anything except your wallet or your cell phone when walking Glass Bridge. Bring with a soft phone case if you want to take photos on the bridge.
Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge

Today, you’ll take the world’s longest cableway to get to Tianmen Mountain, with a nice bird’s view of the city. Hike Guigu Plank Road (at 1400m), built on the middle of sheer cliff, as long as 1600m. 60m of the trail is made of transparent glass that allows the walkers to have an unobscured view of the bottomless chasm. Here comes to the Hanging Bridge and Tianmen Temple, a special exit on this uninhabited mountain top. Then take the skyride flying over the hills, arriving Tianmen Mountain east hiking trail. Enjoy Panlong (Coiling Dragon) Cliff Glass Skywalk, 100m long, 1.6m wide, offering an incredible view of the 99-bend road of Tianmen Mountain. Walk up 999 stairs - the road to heaven’s gate - Tianmen Cave. It takes strength and patience for you to complete the last part of this journey. Walk down, at the Tianmen Cave Square, there is a sacrificial altar to collect reiki and for people to pray. Take cableway downhill and drive back to hotel.

  Important Notes   

  • The road to Tianmen Cave will be closed from December 1 to the end of next February, as it may be frozen in winter.
Hiking Tianmen Mountain

You’ll be picked up and escorted by your guide to the airport. End of your Zhangjiajie hiking tour. Easy Tour China hopes to be at your service if you plan to hike other places in China.

Extend the Tour

Huangshan: it appeals to world travelers with Yellow Mountain and the picturesque Hongcun and Xidi villages. Add 2-4 days to Huangshan for hiking Yellow Mountain and unique culture experience.

Guilin: the most beautiful place in China featuring amazing karst landscape and laidback rural countryside. Allow yourself for 3-6 days to hike Li River, Yulong River, Yangshuo countrysideLongji Rice Terraces.

Beijing: the dynasty capital of China, with numerous historical sites and ancient marvels. Extend your Zhangjiajie hike tour to Beijing for world heritages: Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, and hiking the Great Wall.

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