Holidays to China

China is known as one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world. It is a land of versatility and diversity, you can observe diversity in all realms whether it is its landscape, history, cultures, traditions, peoples or languages.

Why tourists prefer to go on their holidays in China? One of the main reason behind this is that there are so many different types of destinations and travel options here meeting the needs of different tourists: historical sites, aged temples and monasteries, ancient tombs, magnificent palaces, diversified cultures, ethnic groups, Silk Road, snowclad peaks, holy mountains, lovely lakes, blazing deserts, beautiful beaches, limpid rivers, great waterfalls, animal sanctuaries, natural reserves, national parks, adventure and sports sites, and many more. It is hard to find a country in the world that travelers can enjoy such a wide range of unique experiences in a single country.

Some of most popular travel destinations of China where tourists from all around the world come to spend their holidays are Beijing – the culture and art center of China; Xi'an – one of the 5 most famous ancient cities in the world; Shanghai –the cultural and economic center of East Asia; Guilin and Yangshuo – awesome beautiful karst peaks and Li River; Suzhou and Hangzhou - the paradise on the earth; Sanya, Dalian, Xiamen, Beidaihe and Qingdao - the lands of Sun, Sand and Sea; Sichuan – known for breathtaking mountains, Jiuzhaigou Valley and giant pandas; Silk Road - blazing deserts and ancient ruins; Yangtze River – wonderful cruise and interesting shore excursions, Tibet – the most mysterious land in China; Guizhou and Yunnan – colorful ethnic cultures and stunning landscape; Zhangjiajie and Huangshan – the top natural wonders in the world, Shanxi – the museum of ancient Chinese culture; Harbin – ice snow festival and winter sports; Wuyishan, Luoyang; Kaifeng and etc. Taking your holidays in China can be more rewarding and pleasant if you travel to China with certain themes and interests.

As traveling to China has been getting more and more popular these years, you may go with travel agencies or tour operators in China, which offer attractive holiday packages to different parts of the country based on clients' interests, such as history tour, family holidays, cultural vacations, honeymoon, beach holidays, shopping trip, luxury vacation, Kung Fu tours, study holidays (learn how to cook Chinese food; learn how to make kites; learn Chinese Calligraphy, painting, and paper-cutting) etc. If you plan to take a holiday tour in China, decide what you expect, contact an experienced travel consultant, and inform him/her of your interest so that they can customize China tours according to your needs and requirements. 

Enjoy every moment during your holiday to China, and good luck!


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