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mapang drum towerThe numerous drum towers built in the center of Dong villages are symbols of Dong village. It is the key factor to appreciate the culture of Dong group. Where there is a Dong village, there is a drum tower; the difference only lies in its style and height. The tower is usually a place for villagers to hold ceremonies, recreational activities and greet honorable gusts. It is also used as a public meeting room for villagers to discuss the important issues of the village.

Mapang Drum Tower is located in Mapang village 28 kilometers from Sanjiang. It was built during the Qing Dynasty (1644 -1911), and went though several fires and damages over the years until it was rebuilt in 1943. It possesses all the typical architectural features of Dong drum towers. It is of pagoda style, with a height of 15 meters, width of 11 meters wide, and nine floor eaves in total. Each floor has eaves, on which various patterns such as flowers, grass, fish, birds and characters were drawn. The roof part of the tower is covered with green tiles.

During festivals, villagers will gather here in front of the Drum Tower, together they sing, dance and perform, using a reed pipe wind instrument called Lusheng, which is also used by Miao, Yao and some other ethnic groups.

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