Tsing Ma Bridge

bridge night viewThe Tsing Ma Gigantic Bridge stretching from Tsing Yi Isle to Ma Wan, it is the key connection between Hong Kong and its international airport on Lantau Island. The bridge is 2.2 kilometers long, with the main span measuring 1,377 meters, which is the longest suspension bridge for both vehicle and railway purposes in the world. This spectacular bridge is one of HK's great landmarks and there are perfect places where you can able to fully see its unique attractiveness.

Construction work of the bridge began in May 1992 and ended in May 1997. The Lantau Link, of which the bridge is an integral part, was opened on April 27, 1997. The 41 meters wide bridge deck carries six lanes of automobile traffic with two railway lines and a two-lane road enclosed beneath. There are also two sheltered carriageways on the lower deck for maintenance access and as backup for traffic when particularly severe typhoons strike Hong Kong. Tsing Ma Bridge has become a favorite scenic spot as well as a famous landmark. From the Scenery Viewing Platform, one can also see the Ting Kau Bridge, Linking Tsing Yi and Tsuen Wun, totaling 1178 meters long, the longest triplex-towered shape cable bridge of the world. The Lantau Link View Point and Visitors Centre north of the bridge on Tsing Yi provide excellent views of this and two adjoining bridges.

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