Sanya Travel Tips

Best Travel Time Sanya

As a famed and beautiful beach city, Sanya has tropical climate with annual temperature up to 25.5 ℃. The weather condition is pleasant all the year round but notices that the typhoons come at June to October. And the best time to visit Sanya is between September and February of next year, but avoids the National Day (first week of October) as well as the Chinese New Year since there are many domestic tourists then.

Sanya Safety Tips

There are many wonderful water activities in Sanya like parasailing, diving and boating, but try to follow and book service with legal and certified operators. Double-check all the equipments before diving and so on.

Watch out for pickpockets especially when you are in public transportation, stations as well as scenic spots.

Overpriced commodities like pearls, fruits, clothes… just walk away

Sanya Shopping Tips

Except the sandy white beaches, lush jungle and swaying palm trees, Sanya offers other special local products as well, sea food, shell-made decorations, coconut and related products, varied tropical fruits as well as pearl jewelry. Try some great deals by walking down the road filled with small shops and street vendors.

Eating at Sanya

There is much fresh seafood available in Sanya, Abalone, sea cucumbers, urchins, shrimps, fresh fish, crabs and other great foods are common dishes served in kinds of restaurant of the city; tropical fruits are cheap like pineapples, coconuts, and mango and so on.

See where to eat in Sanya. Check our Sanya restaurant page

Nightlife / Entertainment in Sanya

Sanya offers interesting water activities day and night, like night diving, boat diving, boating, fishing… or try to play golf and the leisure Sanya, and spend your night at the night clubs at your hotel…

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