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Sanya Food and Restaurants

wenchang chickenSanya is one of the most popular tourist city in China. Right here there are tons of food choices for you. For example, the "Four Famous Dishes of Hainan" includes Wenchang Chicken, Jiaji Duck, Dongshan Goat and Hele Crab. Sanya is also home to many different kinds of tropical fruits. It is a prefect place to try the different fresh fruit juice. Besides, the ethnic Li and Miao people have their own culinary culture, it is quite worth trying like Li's bamboo rice and Miao's Five-color rice.

Sanya is a coastal city, so seafood is surely a better choice. It is amazing to see the streets here are full of various seafood restaurants, such as, Feipo Seafood Restaurant, in Shengli Road. It is a bit simple restaurant but the seafood tastes good. This is why it is so popular among the locals. Or Hexi and Chunyuan Seafood Square, where there are lots of seafood stalls. You can buy the seafood by yourself nearby, and choose one of stalls to cook for you. This is very popular in Sanya.

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