Macau Food and Restaurants

macau foodAmong other things, Macau is famous for its cuisine and for the quality of the food served by the territory's restaurants and hotels. In fact, food has always played a major part in Macau society and is a good reflection of the community's long multicultural experience and present cosmopolitan way of life.

First of all Macau has a fine selection of coffee shops, in Portuguese, Italian and American style. They offer a wide variety of superior blends in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. They all also sell delicious pastries - not to be missed are Macau's version of the traditional Portuguese egg tart, and coconut cake. Also available are soft drinks, juices and cocktails.

You can find good Portuguese restaurants close to the A-Ma Temple along Rua do Almirante Sérgio, in the city centre on Rua Central and Travessa de S. Domingos, and in the NAPE area near the Kun Iam Statue. On the islands there are many excellent Portuguese restaurants.

As is to be expected, Chinese cuisine is of excellent quality in Macau. Restaurants are found in every part of the city and on the islands. Most serve Cantonese food but some specialize.

In Africa and India the Portuguese learned how to use spices with the result that Macau's most popular dishes include African and Goan's chicken and piquant prawns, all baked or grilled with peppers and chilies.

Over the centuries Macau developed a unique cuisine that combined elements of Portuguese, Chinese, Indian, and even Malay cooking. Known as Macanese cuisine, it is served in restaurants along Rua Almirante Sérgio, on the Praia Grande, in the NAPE and on Taipa. Among the most popular dishes are African Chicken (grilled in piri piri peppers), Tacho (a hearty stew of Chinese vegetables and different meats), Galinha Portuguesa (Chicken cooked in the oven together with potatoes, onions, egg and saffron), Minchi (minced beef with fried potatoes, soy, onions and a fried egg), Linguado Macau (Macau sole fried and usually served with green salad) and Porco balichão (Balichão' pork). And for dessert try Jagra de ovos (sweet egg tart).


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