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Located in the Pearl River Delta on the southeast coast of China, Macau is always called 'Oriental Las Vegas' for its well-known gambling when it comes into people’s mind. After more than 400 years of coexistence of European civilization, the fusion of eastern and western cultures had made Macao a city with unique features and left a large number of historical and cultural relics.
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Trip to Macau, and enjoy a different look and feel from Hong Kong. Steep in the history and old-world elegance of charming Macau, with some classic attractions.

During this Macau tour, we will witness some mixing facts of the Chinese and Portuguese cultures and religious traditions by visiting its historical sites and tasting its flavourous food.

Macau Attractions More

  • Ruins of St. Paul's
    Ruins of St. Paul's

    All that remains of the greatest of Macau's churches is its magnificent stone facade and grand staircase. The church was built in 1602 adjoining the ...

  • A-Ma Temple
    A-Ma Temple

    Macau's name is derived from A-Ma-Gau or Place of A-Ma and this temple dedicated to the seafarers' goddess dates from the early 16th century.Accordi ...

  • Museum of Macau
    Museum of Macau

    Macau Museum was inaugurated on 18th of April, 1998. Its aim is to preserve the cultural traditions, usages and habits, which specifically belong to ...

  • Temple of Kun Iam Tong
    Temple of Kun Iam Tong

    This Buddhist temple dedicated to the Goddess of Mercy was founded in the 13th century and the present buildings date from 1627. It is one of the bi ...

  • Grand Prix Museum
    Grand Prix Museum

    The Grand Prix Museum is a motor racing museum in Macau. The objective of the museum is not only to remember and to document the great moments in Gr ...

  • Casa de Lou Kau
    Casa de Lou Kau

    Casa de Lou Kau, a two-storey grey brick house, is one of the very few Xiguan-style mansions still standing in Macau, and a prime example of the mix ...

  • Macau Tower
    Macau Tower

    Macau Tower, also known as Macau Tower Convention and Entertainment Centre, is located on the southern part of the Macau peninsula. For views of the ...

  • Fishermen's Wharf
    Fishermen's Wharf

    Located in the Macau Peninsula, near the Hong Kong-Macau Ferry Pier, Macau Fishermen’s Wharf is the first theme park as well as a shopping center i ...

Macau | Food & Restaurants More

Among other things, Macau is famous for its cuisine and for the quality of the food served by the territory's restaurants and hotels. In fact, food has always played a major part in Macau society and is a good reflection of the community's long multicultural experience and present cosmopolitan way of life. First of all Macau has a fine selection of coffee shops, in Portuguese, Italian and American style. They offer a wide variety of superior blends in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. They all also sell delicious pastries - not to be missed are Macau' ... More

Macau | Weather & Climate More

Macau is located at the south of tropic of Cancer. The winds directions in winter and summer are opposite. Therefore, Macau is in the monsoon region and from the climate classification is considered mild and rainy in summer. The most comfortable period begins from the middle of October to December.Average Data Jan Feb Mar Apr May June Average High (°C) 17.7 17.7 20.7 24.5 ... More

Macau Travel Tips More

Macau offers the visitors a captivating mix of historic Chinese and Portuguese influences. Wandering through the squares or narrow alleys is easily the best way to get a fell feel for what makes Macau unique. There are some useful tips for your Macau tours.Best Time to Macau1. The best time to visit is during autumn (between October and December), when it is sunny and dry; with temperature around 20-25 °C. Winter (January-March) is cold but sunny. In April, the humidity starts to build up; from May to September, the climate is hot and humid, with rain ... More

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