Shenzhen Food and Restaurants

shenzhen foodShenzhen is a promising and burgeoning migration city, so people coming from different places bring along their own favorite cooking techniques and delicacies. The catering industry is flourishing in Shenzhen with more than ten thousand catering and entertainment places, an ideal place for the genuine food lovers and connoisseurs from all over the world. Even a snack from other part of the world can be tasted here in Shenzhen.

Live oyster at Shajing, Shenzhen
Shajing oyster represents the most famous native specialty in Shenzhen, abounding in the intersection of salt- fresh water from the Peal River estuary, and the oyster is large and fatty, milky white in color, tender and tender and delicious, abundant in protein and vitamin with the iodine content 200 times more than milk and yolk.

Nanshan litchi
Nanshan litchi is as tender as water, pure and transparent, incomparably smooth, juicy and sweet, leaving a fragrance after taste.

Xixiang Greasy-back shrimp
This kind of shrimp abounds in Xixiang of Bao'an Town at the east side of the Pearl River estuary, with the small size of the middle finger, all transparent and covered with pocking marks but with very thin shrimp skin, rather tender and smooth, delicious and sweet, rich in protein.

Fuyong Black-headed Fish
The black-headed fish caught live from the salt-fresh water intersection in the sea area of Helan in the West of Shenzhen, weighing less than 250 grams with only one chine through the whole body, meaty and fresh in taste. This kind of fish can be steamed, braised or stewed, suffusing an exquisite fragrance all around.

Songgang Salted preserved duck
Songgang Town of Bao'an District enjoys a long history in raising ducks on a large scale and the salted preserved duck is externally golden and greasy, fine and tender with fragrance diffused all around, and it is well sold to Hong Kong and Macau and Southeast Asia, etc.

Guangming young dove
Guangming young dove is a signature dish prepared by the Original Guangming Overseas Chinese Farm in Bao'an District with the delicate preparation skills and the exclusive recipe and the dove is served with the features of smoothness, moistening and tenderness. The doves are killed alive, so it produces the fresh flavor and gains a high reputation in the Pearl River Delta.

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